Moxtra Pte Ltd


Moxtra helps banks better engage with their customers by providing Omni channel collaboration modules that embed into existing mobile and web banking apps.

This allows the bank to audit and analyze their conversation with the customer. Keeping the conversations simple and secure.

Allowing the customer to send and receive messages or share documents, reports, etc..
They can also annotate on top of the content that they  or add an e-signature on the document.

They can even make real time audio and video calls, with screen share allowing the customer

to be on boarded in an extremely simple manner.

All of the interactions are recorded and can be audited by the bank.

Other Locations
Cupertino, Bengaluru, Singapore
Product Stage
Subrah Iyar Co -Founder & CEO (Founder of WebEx), Stanley Huang Co-founder
Key People
Jinendra Jain - Senior Director or Product Management & Head of Operations Singapore
No of Employees
Business Model
License based
Funding Status
Series B
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