Developer of innovative thematic and predictive analytics enabling a novel systematic approach for the M&A function and research. Our data solution is tailored for M&A professionals working for investment banks, private equity firms and corporate M&A teams.

Key features:
1) While traditional M&A databases show you the past M&A, the M&A Compass gives you a lens into the expected M&A with predictive analytics based on the last three years M&A. Quickly identify the potential buyers of a company for sale or the potential buyers and sellers of any industry theme or technology.
2) Standard industry classifications and key word searches used by traditional M&A databases produce inaccurate and incomplete results. By contrast, the M&A Compass, featuring a search engine based on concept relationship, ensures a more precise and comprehensive search of the targeted thematic M&A and markets of interest.
3) With the M&A Compass you can quickly identify the industry themes that are driving up or down the M&A activity and the industries, niche markets, or technologies that are expected to attract more interest from buyers or that are more likely to be divested in the near future.

Our demo prototype is online! We are looking for beta testers

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