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WikiGlobal is the world’s leading enterprise information search service provider, with the core function of providing investors with global forex broker information inquiry service in multiple dimensions including regulatory status, license and qualification, risk information, credit evaluation, field survey, etc. for full reference, in order to help them avoid risks effectively. Meanwhile, WikiGlobal is committed to creating a safer and more convenient forex investment and improving the healthy development of the industry.

WikiGlobal has developed a big data solution integrating data collection, screening, aggregation, modeling, and productization based on public data released by government, advanced sniffing systems, and scientific computer algorithms. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the regulation and risks of the companies listed on the platform enables WikiGlobal to offer premium security solutions to individual investors, businesses, and government agencies.

WikiGlobal has successfully built an Internet product matrix, with WikiFX, WikiEXPO, WikiTrade, ForexPay and WikiBit as the core, forming an ecological closed-loop of search, inquiry, analysis, transaction and payment, in order to better provide high-quality security solutions for individual investors, businesses, and government agencies.

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