Leo Global Pte Ltd (Nordek)


NORDEK is a revolutionary platform that accelerates process optimization, scalability, security, and simplicity, for GameFi and payments. By expanding the use cases of cryptocurrencies beyond exchanges, wallets, and DAOs, NORDEK is reimagining the web3 space with its innovative approach to blockchain technology. One of the key features of our layer-2 blockchain is its use of a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, which enables faster processing of transactions and the potential to handle 1000+ transactions per second. NORDEK has launched several solutions amongst which are Norpay, Norfly, Norflix, Swapperly and Plutopad. Nordek has 130 active competitors including Ripple, BitPay, Coinify, Zebec, and Alchemy Pay and it ranks 62nd among them.

Certified FinTech
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