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We are a technology-enabled consultancy, with the main focus on Cognitive Automation. We build software robots that can mimic human actions, to control computers and complete jobs traditionally done by white-collar works.

Our core product, Gleematic, is a robotic software to help you automate manual business processes – especially the repetitive ones – so that you can free yourself and your colleagues to do more value-added work. Software robots are flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones.

>> Examples of tasks that Cognitive Automation can help with:
– “Copy and Paste” into various systems
– Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in various Asian Languages
– Data entry and compilation
– Survey result collation
– Performing system checks
– Finance transaction (e.g. invoice/ purchase order) recording
– Web scraping (visiting and extracting data from multiple websites)
– Other repetitive and/or rule-based tasks

Certified FinTech
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July 1, 2016
1 Wallich Street #14-01 Guoco Tower Singapore 078881
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