DS Legends Pte Ltd (DSL) is the developer of Web3 applications with its own stable coin, 2 exchanges with partners and multiple NFT platforms.

What is DSL trying to solve?

The Problem

Every year personal information of website users are stolen and sold illegally. Data provided by the users are unsafe in centralised servers. In some countries, there is a hefty fine if you fail to keep the data secure.

Our Solution 

We don’t save your data in a centralised or decentralised server as it is. Only a hash of the data is saved in the blockchain. Only Authorised users can decrypt the hash with the help of smart contract. We can build for you, Your Own Ecosystem.

Own Ecosystem consists of two parts:

  1. Management of users data using 256 bit encryption and blockchain.
  2. Own payment gateway which allows immediate payment with digital payment tokens.

What can DSL do for you?

  1. DApps Development
  2. Smart Contract Development
  3. Smart Contract Audit
  4. Data Security

Why hire DSL for your Web3 projects?

  1. Certified Fintech Company
  2. 24 hours development team
  3. Great Support Team
  4. Many Case Studies to explore

Goals for DSL

  1. Sell 10% of DSL shares to raise SGD 1,000,000
  2. Raise SGD 200 million by ICO
  3. SPAC Deal
  4. Listing of DSL

To find out how Web3 can be used, please visit https://dsl.sg/

Certified FinTech
Business Model
Staff Count
Date of Incorporation
September 24, 2021
22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76 Midview City Singapore 573969
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