Connextra Co., Ltd.


Connextra Co., Ltd. found in 2018 with capital 1 M in Bangkok. In the early of 2021 we add up capital registered 4M to a sum of 5 M THB, preparing to expand the business, by using the new smart contract blockchain technologies to our systems for online automated business matching from our 2M database(Now Thai only). Then the IT team start this project from the mid of 2020 till now. The company runs a business consultancy in business matching ( partners finding) to Thailand, market entry, marketing survey & research, IT & software consult for SMEs, HR outsourcing & headhunt in IT, Sales& Marketing, Tax Organizing & Planning , Blockchain Technology & ICO development Services. Since Covid pandemic, end of 2019 till now clause an economic problem & effected all businesses. The best way is reducing the business cost for the new channel in finding & searching potential clients for 24/7 as the lowest cost. The succeed of this software will also promote our company to be known more widely.

Certified FinTech
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