Datarama provides a RegTech platform for collecting information sources for complex risk profiling and due diligence in emerging markets. This platform combines advanced data mining and artificial intelligence with human analysis to streamline the traditional risk-consulting model, making compliance checks cheaper and faster. Using the Datarama platform, users can assess the reputations of Asia?s businesspeople, explore their vast corporate & political networks and gather the intelligence they need to conduct investigations and identify investment opportunities.

FinChat offers a web/mobile-based compliance monitoring and archiving software tool for messaging in regulated industries, for instance financial institutions. This allows employees to engage clients through the clients? favorite messaging apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Skype and more) while staying audit-compliant.


Identitii’s token technology provides banks with a platform to exchange detailed payment information with no change to legacy systems. Identitii uses tokens and a distributed ledger to enrich traditional payments with attributes and documentation to a payments message,including originator and beneficiary records and attributes from Markit & Genpact’s Identitii was announced as a presenter in Finovate Fall New York 2016 and was accepted to pitch at Tokyo FinSum hosted by Japan FSA and Nikkei. It was part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) Fintech Hackcelerator in 2016.


Backpack is a pure b2b SaaS Back-office platform. Backpack has the largest range of features in the market today and the trust of its participants to accurately process all back and front office activities. Backpack and each of its modules can be easily and efficiently integrated to meet the specific operational needs of retail brokers, fund managers, robo – advisory and wealth management companies, unlocking the most powerful platform at no development cost needed:

  • CRM tailored for financial services
  • Compliance Solution ( KYC, AML)
  • Payment Aggregators
  • Marketing Software & API Marketing
  • 360 Reporting & BI

Qryptal?s secure document generation solution helps organizations preserve the integrity of documents. The solution can be easily integrated with minimal changes to the existing certificate production system. Qryptal also provides mobile apps to make it easy for anyone to validate both physical and electronic documents.

GRC Systems provides an IT platform to businesses to implement and enforce governance, risk & compliance (GRC) controls throughout its organization and across jurisdictions.

SQREEM uses data analytics and AI to identify and understand previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, to enable governments and financial institutions to actively and passively detect financial crimes, fraud, and malfeasance through anomaly detection. Processes vast volumes of trade, logistics and capital markets data, to provide deep market and industry business analytics covering hundreds of thousands of metrics.

AMaaS is an open API-driven platform with cloud-based front-to-back office modularized solutions for asset managers. It uses an enterprise-quality centralized database that enables real-time dynamic data management, analytics, and automated solutions. Other solutions include integration with KYC, CFT, and AML providers for holistic & automatic compliance checks and visualization for portfolio risk.

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Pole Star is an innovative technology company providing a maritime-centric Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supporting a suite of ship tracking, safety, security, environmental, and financial compliance business applications.

Pole Star’s newly established start up and award winning PurpleTRAC service is a smart, single point RegTech PaaS for Financial Institutions, Banks, Commodity and Trading Companies, Marine Insurers, Ship Financiers, Trade Platform developers, Governments and Industry Bodies with regulatory exposures to the maritime ecosystem and maritime trade, providing services for vessel screening and monitoring as well as audit trail reporting.  PurpleTRAC streamlines, automates and captures complex compliance procedures in to a simple cloud based UI and/ or API solution.

Pole Star’s PurpleTRAC service integrates best in breed and authoritative data sets which incorporates comprehensive Risk and Compliance and Vessel Registry information in to a single point comprehensive Risk and Compliance solution.

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Dathena is solving the Information Risk Management Problem related to the growth of unstructured Data within organizations.

Dathena99 is a smart data governance platform. Using cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Dathena identifies and classifies all documents across any organization’s system.

Dathena is technology agnostic and was built by a Risk Manager for Risk Managers based on the 3 principles of Information Risk Management: Assess, Protect and Monitor. It allows an organization to regain control over its data, make it an asset and protect it while reducing costs. Thanks to revolutionary artificial intelligence capabilities, Dathena is the only technology on the market offering automated classification, categorization and detection features, when compared to traditional static rules and keyword approaches.



Optimai is a Financial Technology specialist with a proven track record in implementing innovative solutions to solve business problems.

Financial institutions are empowered to go-to-market and scale their business quickly on our multi-asset, multi-market, integrated Platform for Risk and Investment ManagemEnt (PRIME). Designed for “zero ops”, PRIME enables financial institutions to digitize, automate & streamline their operations from front to back including loan, credit & margin management, corporate actions, risk management and regulatory reporting.

Our customers include exchanges, banks, securities and asset management companies in Singapore and Hong Kong.



CriAT is a Singapore-registered FinTech company specializing in Deep Credit Analytical Technologies. It provides Deep Credit Analytics products and services to financial institutions through utilizing innovative AI and machine learning technologies combined with established econometrics and statistical inference. The CriAT core team comes from the senior roles of the Credit Research Initiative team at the National University of Singapore.


Regit is a compliant, formless forever customer platform that simplifies how business and customers exchange information. One-click!

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Founded in 2015, PortfolioQuest is a ‘virtual world’ training simulation platform configurable for every level across all functional areas of consumer, retail and P2P lending. Leaderboards, competitions and progress metrics feedback players’ financial success and drive learning engagement. This powerful benchmarking tool provides early detection and troubleshooting of employees’ forecasting, decision-making and portfolio management skills. PortfolioQuest has offices in Singapore and San Francisco.

VASCO is a global leader in trusted security with two-factor authentication, transaction data signing, document e-signature and identity management solutions designed for all businesses and government agencies. VASCO also secures access to data and applications in the cloud and provides a robust toolset for application developers to easily integrate security functions into their web-based and mobile applications. More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.


Digital Billions is a technology company that helps corporations rocket ahead, innovate and be competitive. It has four arms: blockchain technology, venture capital investment, digital marketing, and consulting. The company offers a range of products and solutions for solving trade finance, digital identities (including KYC), digital wallets, digital signatures, asset exchanges, and data integrity.

Tookitaki provides a Machine Learning platform to optimize workflows for Financial Institutions primarily in the operations and compliance space. It won an award at the MAS FinTech Awards in 2016.

OTDocs is an application to use an ultra secure technology (custom blockchain) to identify, store and verify entities, documents and transactions.

Cynopsis Solutions is a Singapore-based technology solution provider that helps in reducing the cost of doing business in a highly regulated environment for the financial and professional services industries. Cynopsis focuses on three key areas: Governance, Risk & Compliance; Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management; Big Data Analytics.


Taiger is a global leader in AI, specialising in transforming completely unstructured information to valuable knowledge. Our cutting-edge technology solutions apply far beyond just Machine Learning, allowing us to contextualise information more accurately – without requiring a large amount of data to ‘learn’.

Meet iMatch, iConverse and iSearch. 

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