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Hive Up is a platform created to empower each individual in achieving their own version of financial freedom in a fun and unintimidating approach. With the right knowledge and tools, we believe you can make better-informed decisions as you increase in confidence and gain more control of your financial journey.
Hive up was acquired by Prive on Jan 2019


Quantyr Smart growth’s strategy is based on the fact that most companies tend to see growth as the ultimate goal for their future.
However, what matters for investors in the long term is profitable growth. 
Therefore the Quantyr Smart Growth’s strategy looks to select companies that have been able in the past to deliver positive Economic Profit growth for their shareholders as well as positive Free Cash Flow on a sustainable basis. 
We also look at Valuation and future Free Cash Flow and EPS growth. 
The weight of Stocks is equally weighted among the companies which satisfy Quantyr Smart Growth criteria in its domestic market.


Youtap is a financial services, merchant services aggregator, and mobile payment processing company based in Singapore. Youtap provides partners with secure, transparent peer-to-peer financial services utilizing traditional and distributed ledger processing to provide an interoperable layer between financial institutions, payment providers and other companies providing financial services to merchants and consumers.


finexis advisory Pte Ltd provides more than just financial advisory services – we cover a range of financial needs throughout your lifetime. Think of us as lifelong financial confidantes – always there to help apply broad-based solutions in thoughtful and meaningful ways.

Our Philosophy
At finexis, we think of ourselves as more than financial consultants. We advise people on some of life’s most important concerns. Simply because, money lies in the heart of many areas of our lives – from taking care of our basic needs to fulfilling higher aspirations.

With a goal to create a lasting positive influence on every life we touch, we listen to what our clients have to say and design our solutions to complement their needs. We want to impact lives beyond finance.

Our Partners
finexis offers the range and depth of products and services that can assist in fulfilling our clients’ unique needs. We are in partnership with over 30 international fund houses offering more than 400 professionally managed funds, more than 8 major life insurers, more than 18 general insurers, 2 investment platforms and 7 international banks.

Our Promise
finexis believes in providing our clients with not merely the hardware of products, but also with a complete
financial experience through quality long term planning and sound advice. The finexis 3i approach
Imagine . Implement . Involve is a step by-step guideline that covers the entire client consultation process.


Ploutos Strategic focuses on Asian UHNW business families and family offices in a unique niche – by providing independent and holistic strategic financial solutions for their family businesses.

In addition, Ploutos Strategic also works with FinTech/Blockchain startups – helping to raise capital from, as well as initiate strategic partnerships with, business family clients.

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The New Savvy is an online financial guide and career tips platform for women based out of Singapore. The portal publishes content for women related to their finances and careers.


Our goal has always been to maximise our reach out to people with financial planning needs. We have created a brand that strives for excellence and we hope to increase our staff strength by 30% this year. Further down the road, we would like to be more involved in creating an ideal platform for education that would benefit the younger generation in the long run. Our Organisation also aims to bring about overall wellness through the focus on health and fitness. Family bonding is also greatly valued that would bring people closer together to their loved ones. Through genuinely caring for people, we bring them endless rewards and fulfilment that would benefit them for a lifetime.

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WeInvest is Asia’s first end-to-end Digital Wealth Platform and offers solutions to Banks & other financial institutions. The plug and play online platform is used by Banks to offer more online investment options to their retail customer base and strengthen the proposition for HNIs and Private Banking clientele.

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GoalsMapper™️ is the first fintech / insurtech company in Singapore with the vision to redefine financial planning, through its real-time, scenario-based and customer-facing financial planning software.

GoalsMapper™️ leverage on smart technology to allow advisers to take in consumer’s financial information and present them in simple-to-understand and powerful charts. Because information, scenarios and recommendations are continuously computed in the background, consultants and consumers can focus their time on more effective discussions and better planning experience.

Furthermore, the high detailed and accuracy of the GoalsMapper™️ charts allows consultants to assist clients to plan out multiple financial goals and multiple life scenarios to ensure that they are prepared for their financial future and make smarter financial decisions.

GoalsMapper™️ is committed to the digitalization of the financial advisory industry. At the same time, we believe this is still a people-centric industry. By empowering the financial consultants with a powerful planning and client-facing solution, it increases their professionalism, value offering and credibility to the client.

Visit to know us more.

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OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. It is now the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia by assets and one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, with an Aa1 rating from Moody’s. Recognised for its financial strength and stability, OCBC Bank is consistently ranked among the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance and has been named Best Managed Bank in Singapore by The Asian Banker.

OCBC Bank and its subsidiaries offer a broad array of commercial banking, specialist financial and wealth management services, ranging from consumer, corporate, investment, private and transaction banking to treasury, insurance, asset management and stockbroking services.


Seedly is a Personal Finance Management platform where users can upload their bank or credit card statements to the site and get infographics of their finances.


FNZ is a wealth management end to end digital platform service provider. Full business process outsourcing including software, infrastructure and investment operations.


Copernicus Gold enables anyone, anywhere, in a transparent and secure manner, to digitally acquire, save, store or use as payment, any amount of gold. Copernicus Gold operates a multi-currency cloud-based platform that enables the issue of an amount of digital gold, in any measure, which is represented by gold bullion that has been purchased in advance of the issue of digital gold and stored in Singapore.


The company issues digital gold or money that is linked to a physical store of gold, which enables anyone, anywhere to acquire and save digital gold that can be redeemed for physical gold at a retail store, or used to make payments online. Currently, digital gold is redeemable at retail stores in Singapore for gold coins or gold jewelry. Copernicus Gold is a platform for issuance and circulation of electronic currencies developed on the basis of the blockchain technology. From the very beginning of its development, the project was designed to feature an open API ( and has been functioning as a Bank-as-a-Service allowing to accomplish the tasks of holding wallets (accounts) in different currencies, assets (including a currency linked to physical gold bullion), with the purpose of investments, carry out conversions with market spreads between such wallets, as well as carry out transfers between its users. Its clients are both individuals and corporate entities.


We are a fintech providing Hulgrave Rankings to money managers who are proud to distribute Hulgrave to their clients.

Hulgrave is an independent and clear score that eliminates information asymmetry between clients and money managers.


Dr Wealth was acquired by BigFatPurse Pte Ltd in June 2016, it is a web-based financial planning platform that aggregates data, monitors users? portfolio performance, analyzes markets, and manages the investment process. The platform allows the users to view and manage their investment portfolio, budget & expenses, insurance coverage, retirement plans on a single platform and optimize their returns.

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Dragon Wealth is a financial technology company focused on solutions that enable financial institutions to deliver wealth management advice that matters to their clients. Dragon Wealth?s technology leverages the latest in social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions to provide at-a-glance insight on clients? investment behavior, peer group comparisons and expert information, enabling relationship managers and their clients to have transparent conversations about clients? investment needs.


Citi has been in Singapore since 1902 and is represented in nearly every asset class. Citi Singapore is the largest foreign banking employer in Singapore, and it is home to strategically important hubs, Innovation Labs and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre (CSC).

We have businesses with client-focused capabilities, such as the Global Subsidiaries Group (Asia), Citi Private Bank (Global), and International Personal Bank (Global); product-focused innovation hubs, such as Global Consumer Bank, the ASEAN Investment Banking Hub, Markets Hub, and the Treasury and Trade Services (TTS) Hub; Innovation Labs, such as the Citi Innovation Lab (TTS) and the Consumer Innovation Lab; and the Asia Pacific Citi Service Centre (CSC) at Changi Business Park.

Citibank Singapore is built around three key business lines: (1) wealth management products and services, including investments, insurance, deposits and treasury products; (2) unsecured products such as credit cards and personal line of credit, and (3) secured products covering housing loans and share financing.


CashTrack is a Singapore-based company that provides an automatic expense. It converts text-based transaction history and presents it in an easy-to-understand format for users. The product is currently in private beta mode.


HomePay is a mobile App that helps you manage money in household and allows kids, domestic helper or other dependents of users to spend money responsibly using HomePay MasterCard Prepaid cards

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