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CashTrack is a Singapore-based company that provides an automatic expense. It converts text-based transaction history and presents it in an easy-to-understand format for users. The product is currently in private beta mode.

Toucan is a mobile shopping wallet that lets people who don?t have credit cards shop online on credit. Users can create their account and starts shopping from the Toucan Wallet. It provides on-line credit.

SingSaver is a part of CompareAsiaGroup. SingSaver is an online tool that allows users to compare the prices of financial products such as personal loans and credit cards. The portal helps users to save time and money by providing all the relevant information in a single place.

HomePay is a mobile App that helps you manage money in household and allows kids, domestic helper or other dependents of users to spend money responsibly using HomePay MasterCard Prepaid cards

LoanOwl offers a comparison software which works with banks and accredited lenders to provide updated rates provided by them. It provides services for personal, SME, education, and mortgage loans.

BillPin is an app that enables users to track shared expenses and bills on the web in real time.

fundMyLife is a web platform that intelligently connects users with right financial advisers based on their financial planning questions. Their proprietary algorithm ensures that users’ questions are matched with the most suitable financial adviser based on their specialisation. fundMyLife features adviser profiles and client reviews and to empower users to make sound financial decisions confidently.

Quber facilitates achievement of consumers? financial objectives through traditional and social settings. It is a personalized tool for individuals to achieve ongoing multiple objectives to manage, save, donate, and invest their money while creating new exciting ways to collaborate online. Quber uses unique bots to help individuals automate their money management whether it is for paying their bills, saving for their wish-list item, donating to their favorite cause, or helping others meet their savings goals.

PiSight is a personal financial management tool that securely consolidates data from user’s bank accounts, investments, credit cards, loyalty program, etc. PiMoney uses customer spending data to help in budgeting and managing finances. It automatically sorts spending into intuitive categories such as shopping, phone bills, utility bills, and groceries.


Additiv is a Swiss Fintech company that was established in 1998 and is a leading provider in the field of digitalization of banks, asset managers, and insurers. Its offering includes pre-packaged solutions (configurable SaaS Products) and applied innovation projects (tailor made).

The digital solutions are based on the leading platform Additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS). With a strong presence in Europe and Asia, as well as an international network of partners, customers are served around the world. The company has a strong focus on Digital Wealth Management and is a market leader in B2B2C Robo Advisory solutions across retail, affluent and HNWI segments with many levels of sophistication and automation. More information can be found under

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Carrott is a micro-savings app for retirement savings (superannuation). Let’s #StopLazyCash together! For more information, visit


MoneyShop is a product of LocalAsia Pte, Ltd. It provides a platform that helps to compare and find relevant products and services in Southeast Asia in terms of credit, finance, and insurance. The website is inactive as of July 2017.

Dragon Wealth is a financial technology company focused on solutions that enable financial institutions to deliver wealth management advice that matters to their clients. Dragon Wealth?s technology leverages the latest in social, mobile, analytics and cloud solutions to provide at-a-glance insight on clients? investment behavior, peer group comparisons and expert information, enabling relationship managers and their clients to have transparent conversations about clients? investment needs.

Hektor is a personal financial assistant who helps in budgeting and saving money. It uses artificial intelligence to automate and facilitate savings.

PlayMoolah is a fun online platform for kids aged 6 to 11. It teaches kids about the value of money and managing their finances. It designs fun digital products for children and grownups to learn about money by combining behavioral research with the power of play.

EnjoyCompare is an online platform to compare different financial products such as loans, credit cards and insurances. It has added the feature of comparing the broadband plans also.

Nest8 is a money management mobile app based out of Singapore. The company claims to use data analytics with the goals of encouraging positive behavior for its users. As of June 2016, the company is in stealth mode.


Copernicus Gold enables anyone, anywhere, in a transparent and secure manner, to digitally acquire, save, store or use as payment, any amount of gold. Copernicus Gold operates a multi-currency cloud-based platform that enables the issue of an amount of digital gold, in any measure, which is represented by gold bullion that has been purchased in advance of the issue of digital gold and stored in Singapore.


The company issues digital gold or money that is linked to a physical store of gold, which enables anyone, anywhere to acquire and save digital gold that can be redeemed for physical gold at a retail store, or used to make payments online. Currently, digital gold is redeemable at retail stores in Singapore for gold coins or gold jewelry. Copernicus Gold is a platform for issuance and circulation of electronic currencies developed on the basis of the blockchain technology. From the very beginning of its development, the project was designed to feature an open API ( and has been functioning as a Bank-as-a-Service allowing to accomplish the tasks of holding wallets (accounts) in different currencies, assets (including a currency linked to physical gold bullion), with the purpose of investments, carry out conversions with market spreads between such wallets, as well as carry out transfers between its users. Its clients are both individuals and corporate entities.


FNZ is a wealth management end to end digital platform service provider. Full business process outsourcing including software, infrastructure and investment operations.

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