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finexis advisory Pte Ltd provides more than just financial advisory services – we cover a range of financial needs throughout your lifetime. Think of us as lifelong financial confidantes – always there to help apply broad-based solutions in thoughtful and meaningful ways.

Our Philosophy
At finexis, we think of ourselves as more than financial consultants. We advise people on some of life’s most important concerns. Simply because, money lies in the heart of many areas of our lives – from taking care of our basic needs to fulfilling higher aspirations.

With a goal to create a lasting positive influence on every life we touch, we listen to what our clients have to say and design our solutions to complement their needs. We want to impact lives beyond finance.

Our Partners
finexis offers the range and depth of products and services that can assist in fulfilling our clients’ unique needs. We are in partnership with over 30 international fund houses offering more than 400 professionally managed funds, more than 8 major life insurers, more than 18 general insurers, 2 investment platforms and 7 international banks.

Our Promise
finexis believes in providing our clients with not merely the hardware of products, but also with a complete
financial experience through quality long term planning and sound advice. The finexis 3i approach
Imagine . Implement . Involve is a step by-step guideline that covers the entire client consultation process.

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