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Darren Chu, CFA, founded Tradable Patterns in April 2014 after almost a decade with IntercontintentalExchange | NYSE Liffe, TMX Group | Montreal Exchange and CMC Markets, and now counts the world’s largest asset manager and 2 of the world’s 5 largest hedge funds by AUM as daily readers of Tradable Patterns’ technical analysis. Since becoming available on Bloomberg, Refinitiv and FACTSET, readers have included every single one of the global top 10 investment banks.

Tradable Patterns’ Today’s Top 3 Trades provides technical analysis on 3 CME/ICE commodity/index futures or spot FX markets (with coverage for 2 markets from a designated asset class(es) for each weekday as seen in the Watchlist), plus the top trade idea for the day from any asset class. All 3 markets covered are selected based on their likelihood to exhibit trend reversal or continuation during the week that begins on the day of coverage, based on technical analysis and news flow. For instance, Monday coverage is on 2 Agris (and potentially 1 Index), while Tuesdays are devoted to 2 Indices (and potentially 1 Soft).

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