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Innovation is at the core of everything we do. Thomson Reuters are constantly looking across disciplines, technology & industry trends to unlock potential value of data, and apply cutting edge technologies to emerging challenges faced by professionals. We are a global team of data scientists, research scientists, full stack developers, and designers; specializing in data science & analytics, data visualization, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Thomson Reuters is a data scientist’s dream. As one of the world’s leading data providers, you’ll have the opportunity to work with petabytes of real world data sets in finance, risk, tax, accounting, and legal, just to name a few. While Thomson Reuters is trusted for solving complex business problems, we are also invested in solving complex social problems through the work of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where we act to promote socio-economic progress and the rule of law worldwide.

Located in Singapore’s Central Business District, the Singapore Lab leverages the vibrant innovation and FinTech ecosystem in Singapore to drive experimentation and fuel collaborative projects across Asia.

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18 Science Park Road Singapore 118229
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