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BRDGE is a MAS licensed P2P lending platform with a Capital Market Service license (CMS100642-2). We’ve been around since 2014 and are among the pioneer batch of homegrown P2P lending platforms!

We’re proud to have facilitated over SGD $72,022,115 worth of loans. We’re also the highest-rated crowdfunding platform on Seedly – something that we really take pride in.

Trust and credibility is everything to us and over the last 6 years, we’ve worked to gain the trust of investors and SMEs alike – reputation is our foundation and we have dedicated a big part of our work to building honest relationships.

We are more than tech. We are more than finance. We are simply more. Most platforms are known only for their financial experience, with ex-bankers, fund managers and consultants.

We are armed with the best of both specialties – Finance and Technology. As the only hybrid in the financing space, this makes us key industry disruptors. Being cutting-edge gives us a winning edge.

BRDGE is founded by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We are the only platform that works and thinks like an SME – resilient, steadfast, filled with tenacity.

Like a private bank, but friendlier. And within everyone’s reach. Every client, big or small, deserves reliable service with a personal touch. We go through great lengths to make sure that premium financial services are fully accessible to SMEs and start-ups.

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