Primas is a tech product company focused on meaningfully improving the quality of online content through distribution, tracking and Intellectual property protection. Our grand overall vision is to replace the WWW protocol – something which we identify as being the culprit for much of the fake news, clickbait and plagiarism seen online today – with the DTCP, a protocol that puts quality of information at the very core. Using blockchain technology, big data, natural language processing and a massive decentralised network of crawlers, we are able to find, track and inform about any replicated piece of written or visual content online. We have a number of products in various stages of development including our Dapp which is one of the worlds first actually decentralised applications. Our tech stack is completely open sourced and ready to give Dapp developers a leg up on their own projects. We value ourselves on being honest, flexible and innovative. And are currently looking for forward thinking developers to join our dev communities and innovate media corporations and content creators to join the movement to stamp out fake news, clickbait and plagiarism online.

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