Natsoft Asia


Natsoft Asia is set up with a vision to build digital ecosystems bringing Businesses and Technology providers together appropriately.

Natsoft Asia will focus on Industrial IoT solutions and Enterprise Workplace Behavior analytics. As part of its Social Responsibility and givebacks, Natsoft will develop very specific solutions for Citizen services.

Natsoft Asia will work with niche and boutique firms offering state of art digital technology products and solutions. Digital solutions offerings are in their nascent stage and most service providers are not able to provide end to end solutions. This era needs careful evaluation and development of an ecosystem for new business models to be established successfully while maturing the associated technology solutions. Natsoft will develop such Industry based ecosystems to provide very unique solutions to the clients.

Natsoft Asia will also provide tailored advisory services addressing the client organization issues of today in terms of Digital transformation, Selection of Technology and Service vendors and Program Governance.

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