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The main goal of Natcoin  is bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. What NATCOIN  aims to cater to its users is a complete and seamless experience of accessing the available cryptocurrency services and products in the same place. From the very first moment a customer decides to use cryptocurrency he/she is guided through the platform and its features. Protected from any unwanted negative experience, the user will continuously find the new possibilities to use the platform and to interact on it.

By means of this integrative approach to virtual currency services, the NATCOIN platform aims to become the most preferred medium, familiarizing the NATCOIN customers with the cryptocurrencies and the ways of using them. For this purpose, the NATCOIN  platform is equipped with its own token, a wallet, an exchange, a merchant platform, payment gateway / POW  and a list of features that are closely related to the use of crypto.


Coin Maximum supply  : 35.000.000 NTC

Aogatirthm Tech            : Based of Ethereum tech erc 20

Level 9, 400 King William Street Adelaide, SA 5000
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Open Crowd investing model
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