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Meta Alpha was born from a group of professionals working in the banking, payments, cryptocurrency and regulatory space for decades where they saw the demands for a comprehensive solution for clients interested to setup a payment or crypto shop in Singapore but struggle to comprehend the regulatory landscape in Singapore and finding the right resources to make it work.

Right now in the market, ¬†there isn’t a single company that could provide the end-to-end solution to helping the clients from setting up the company, to developing business plan, organisation structure, compliance software and AML policies to hiring and training needs of the company. We are not here just to provide “consultancy services” but to become partner in helping you setup your company right from the start.

The team consists of industry professionals, consultants, former regulators and bankers who put together to ensure that clients are receiving the best professional guidance and help that they need to navigate the regulatory landscape and setting the company up for success.

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