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INTTCO is into rapid market expansion / growth hacking as a service, we work with Tech companies and give them access to untapped markets globally. We have 300+ franchises currently and these franchise work on ground level activities for example 1. Seller Onboarding & Existing Seller Services for E-Commerce Marketplaces. 2. E-KYC Projects for Payment Banks. 3. Global trade Development For a company / Government for specific product.


INTTCO is working on enabling E-Commerce infrastructure (Internet / Digital) globally.
INTTCO is an official partners with Amazon Alibaba Google Snapdeal Flipkart Paytm Walmart Uber Ola PayPal and 40+ internet brands.
These Internet companies have partnership with INTTCO for their operations and backend projects that need huge manpower.
INTTCO has an education arm ( Indian Institute of E-Commerce ) to get low cost skilled workforce who can work for INTTCO’s partner Companies and currently have a total of 67,000+ students from India, South East Asia, Middle East, African countries. These students are generally feet on the street level professional with core skill on the job for our client company. INTTCO’s education arm give them complete product training using both our E-Leaning and physical class on 1 particular company and select them if they clear the certification exam, only qualified students are then selected to work with the company.

Service INTTCO Can provide to Companies and Goverment :

INTTCO have more than 50+ franchise network, 250+ agencies, companies and young entrepreneurs across 100 countries who are into market level awareness, account opening, sale, data collections, merchant on-boarding and eKYC related program.

They are doing such projects for E-Commerce Companies, new Payment Banks, FinTech Companies, telecom companies, Adhaar realted companies and various other field oriented busineses.They are also doing their e-wallet up gradation, merchant on boarding and customer enrollment/account opening programs.

These agencies are based out of each and every corner/cities of the India. Each INTTCO franchise has more than 100 to 500 employees which are dedicated for these processes.These agencies are giving big score in merchant enrollment, account openings,sales, promotions and eKYC programs day to day.

Here by INTTCO can cater these service. INTTCO line up Franchises for partner companies. INTTCO can give more than 10,000 FoS( Field operation guys) per day for eKYC, account opening, merchant enrollments,sales, market expansion, growth Hacking, E-Commerce Process Outsourcing Projects.

Business Commitment
INTTCO franchises have bio-metric devices with us for eKYC of the customers. You can suggest us any type of field enrollments related work or online / Internet based work. As all agencies have big and trained FoS teams with them.

These teams have BPO set ups in every big city of India. INTTCO teams have Aadhar Kits. These teams have sound finical back ups. Teams are able to sell or promote any of your product which can be tangible or intangible in any city of India or in pan India. INTTCO can PROMOTE partner companies products and services to each and every corner of the India. Last mile reach is basic USP of INTTCO. INTTCO has young entrepreneurs are very much talented and enthusiastic to grow and perform.

INTTCO can give you last mile reach in metro cities/ tier 1/2/3/4 cities mainly working India and we can scale up in other countries for merchant on-boarding or product teams on ground level to work.

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