Sinwattana Crowdfunding Platform


Sinwattana is the name of the trusted CrowdFunding platform in Thailand, we aims to serve millions globally. Our platform includes full-fledged offerings: Donation, Reward, Equity, Lending, and Hybrid-based. To advocate and enroll global adoption, we catered software-as-a-service and developer’s edition for anyone who aspire to serve the crowd.

The team started our idea with communities and people in mind. We have attained support to strive towards an impactful and inclusive platform where we identify meaningful projects for our donors and investors.

Our development work started since 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand. Pride on our core values of earning your TRUST, working with INTEGRITY and serving with DIGNITY, we believes that “Funding should never be a showstopper to genuine individual or businesses who wants CHANGE and generate IMPACT towards a greater better world”.

Co-creation is one key focus as we partnered with Indonesian, Nepalis, Singaporean and Sri Lankan to fill the gaps with alternative finance. Bhutan, Cambodia, China/HKSar, Myanmar and Philippines is next on line. With the vision for growth, we are positioned as “Gateway to Asia through Thailand”.

We are one of key driver for change and a disruptor in FINTech.

We are PEOPLE’s platform!

Product Stage
Completed and launching soon
Business Model
Platform fee & Management fee
Funding Status
Self funded
Open to investment
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