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About the FinTech Talent Programme

The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA) have jointly created the inaugural 3 month FinTech Talent (FT) Programme. Through this initiative, we are dedicated in grooming aspiring PMEs into exceptional FinTech leaders in their respective fields of expertise. We are committed to provide continuous engagements, career development platforms and networking opportunities for FT Programme participants.

The FT Programme features a stellar line-up of renowned industry practitioners, C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs from locally and internationally grown organisations. Over 500 FinTech professionals will attend our monthly sessions held by esteemed practioners and experts, which aim to train participants in the areas of technical, leadership and soft skills.

Networking opportunities and sharing of experiences by our speakers will also be presented to all participants at every session. The FT Programme endeavours to equip and certify FinTech professional with the right set of skills required to succeed in the workplace while additionally providing opportunities to expand their network by connecting with fellow practitioners, leaders and entrepreneurs.

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