Bucket Technologies


Who wants to deal with the hassle of coins?

At every touchpoint, coins cost more than they are worth.

Bucket is the solution to the world’s coin currency problem.

Using Bucket, consumers paying with cash can digitally deposit the coin value of their change into their secure Bucket account. With this FREE service, you will no longer have the hassle of coins. Think of Bucket as your new digital piggy bank.

Bucket, a digital piggy bank platform, will bring coinless cash transactions to retail locations near you. On a mission to accelerate humanity’s transition to a digital economy, Bucket will be the first global aggregator of coin currency value which alleviates the stresses associated with the production, distribution and handling of physical coins by consumers and retailers alike.

51B Circular Road, Singapore, 049406
Other Locations
117 W. 4th St Suite 202B, Santa Ana, CA 92701 USA
Product Stage
Product in Gen0 demo stage and ready for technical integrations and personalization to POS systems.
Business Model
Our service is completely free to both the consumer and the retailers. Our main revenue will be from short term interest from the aggregated coin change value batched nightly from retailers.
Funding Status
Completed 2 rounds of funding, currently in SEED round with about 1.4M USD left to raise at a 12.5MM post-money valuation (USD).
Platform completed and in demo - ready for last mile bespoke integrations into POS systems. Currently establishing relationships and cooperation with retailers and banks, identified Our Tampines Hub for a geographic proof of concept launch in 2018.
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