abacus Integrated Lab

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Abacus Integrated Lab. is a Singapore based startup focusing on, Consulting, Fintech Solution and Advisory services in Finance and Banking Domain.

Product & Service Domain:
GRC – Governance, Risk, Compliance
Innovation: Product (POC) Development (AI/ML/NPL/RPA/RegTech)
Data Governance and Data Quality Management Framework
Data Strategy & Architecture
Credit Origination & Fulfillment, Collateral Management, Credit Scoring & Pricing Engine Development
Risk Model Implementation
Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Program Management

Consulting and Advisory services, Data Strategy, Data Governance, Governance, Risk, Compliance, Technology Program Management, Data Quality Management Framework, Data Maturity Assessment, Product Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Architecture, Robotics Process Automation, RegTech, and Regulatory Client Onboarding and Process Automation

23 Leonie Hill, Singapore, Singapore 239224
abacus Integrated Lab.jpg 2 years ago
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