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FTAG Fintech Alliance Global is a Singapore based global VC, incubator and accelerator. We believe entrepreneurs bring on the positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society and economy. We invest in the most ambitious founders, those whom will cross boundaries and build companies that will bring about change to our lives. We invest more than just money – we connect and guide founders with our strong network and experiences. Our team works hand in hand with our partners to help navigate them thru the obstacles in their paths. Our vision is to nurture and build the next generation of leaders, gamechangers that will bring the world forward


LeapFrog invests capital, people and knowledge in purpose-driven businesses, helping them to grow.


Our Vision
A Better Financial World – We ignite opportunities for businesses and investors by providing a better deal for everyone.

Our Mission
We aim to be the most efficient funding platform in the region.

Our Strength
We are probably the fastest in approval and cash disbursement funding company in Asia Pacific. Approval within 48hrs upon full documentation and immediate funding upon acceptance. Using a unique system developed by our in-house team, we are able to review, generate agreement and disburse funds all in less than a week.

Our Approach
Many companies seeking funding say they want a different and better kind of partner. Someone to help them scale without taking control. To challenge them without driving them too hard too fast. To treat them with the honesty, respect and empathy they deserve. We take pride in being more flexible, patient and supportive than any other funding provider. We help discover sources of new growth potential then work in partnership to make a difference.

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GBCI strives to give city dwellers a futuristic and eco-friendly urban lifestyle using AI as the core framework for building smart cities. Urban services are well-connected for better living, even with ubiquitous mobility. GBCI invests AI technology, robotics, big data, IoT and VR and aims to be at the forefront to roll out smart cities.

To empower sustainable smart cities for future generations.

To build eco-friendly smart cities by bringing together innovations in artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, big data and IoT.

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Life.SREDA VC is an international venture capital firm, established in 2012 and headquartered in Singapore. Being one of the first FinTech-only non-corporate VC fund in the world, we have already invested in more than 20 FinTech companies around the world through our 2 funds: Life.SREDA I ($40M) and Life.SREDA II Asia ($100M).
We also run a separate blockchain-focused VC fund, Based on Blockchain Fund (BB Fund), launched in 2016 jointly with Chris Skinner (based in UK), one of TOP5 globally leading fintech/blockchain expert and influencer, and Thomas Labenbacher (based in Austria), Financial Services expert, a serial fintech entrepreneur and business angel. BB Fund aims to become the leading investor on the growing blockchain market, including rocketing ICO/ITO space.

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An online e-marketplace to help start-up entrepreneurs who spend an inordinate amount of time on related infrastructure and financing activities which are not their core business. This platform creates vertical and horizontal e-marketplaces to meet the struggles faced by many promising start-up entrepreneurs. It will be a one-stop shop service for the Fintech community to create, run and grow their Fintech ventures. This venture will also provide Consulting, Advisory and Investment services.

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We are the first and only specialist cybersecurity venture capital firm with an Asia-Pacific (ex-China) focus, looking for the best and most ambitious cybersecurity entrepreneurs, wherever they emerge in the region, to help build the world’s next great wave of cybersecurity companies.

The team at 5i Capital seeks to identify and promote cybersecurity talent across the Asia Pacific region. Our difference is in combining cyber expertise with seasoned expertise across various disciplines in investment management, angel investing and start-ups, innovation and venture capital, PE and financial services.

We provide a platform and create opportunities for seed, series A cybersecurity companies to contribute their talents to local, regional and global markets. We also provide commercialisation opportunities for academic research.

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