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Abnk is a platform that leverages AI and Blockchain technologies to provide innovative financial services

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Metaschool is a leading web3 education platform for developers to learn, build and ship in web3. Founded in 2022, the platform has over 140K developer users, deep coverage of 20+ blockchains and the platform offers accelerated learning paths like Road2Web3, BuildWeek to help cultivate community and camaraderie among developers. Metaschool is funded by Sequoia, Polygon, Draper, DCG etc and is founded by Fatima Rizwan, an entrepreneur with 10+ yrs of experience of building and scaling media, tech and content business.


Waton Securities International is an integrated brokerage FinTech services provider headquartered in Hong Kong, with an R&D team located in Mainland China and offices in several regions around the globe.

Waton Securities International is also a licensed securities broker, fund manager and investment advisor with 30+ years of sound track record. It is one of the largest B2B fintech service provider in the Asia-Pacific region to launch a one-stop brokerage cloud service solution for small and medium-sized brokers.

As a strategic partner of Amazon, Waton is the first FinTech Broker Cloud solution provider on the AWS platform. Dedicated to leveraging on cutting-edge technology and providing highly-tailored solutions, Waton aims to facilitate secure, simple, and reliable stock trading and investing.


Developer of innovative thematic and predictive analytics enabling a novel systematic approach for the M&A function and research. Our data solution is tailored for M&A professionals working for investment banks, private equity firms and corporate M&A teams.

Key features:
1) While traditional M&A databases show you the past M&A, the M&A Compass gives you a lens into the expected M&A with predictive analytics based on the last three years M&A. Quickly identify the potential buyers of a company for sale or the potential buyers and sellers of any industry theme or technology.
2) Standard industry classifications and key word searches used by traditional M&A databases produce inaccurate and incomplete results. By contrast, the M&A Compass, featuring a search engine based on concept relationship, ensures a more precise and comprehensive search of the targeted thematic M&A and markets of interest.
3) With the M&A Compass you can quickly identify the industry themes that are driving up or down the M&A activity and the industries, niche markets, or technologies that are expected to attract more interest from buyers or that are more likely to be divested in the near future.

Our demo prototype is online! We are looking for beta testers


We are Rhino Partners- a Full Service Provider of Custom Software Development, Data Science Solutions


Trivium builds financial infrastructure that enables companies to seamlessly integrate investment products into their user experiences


WikiGlobal is the world’s leading enterprise information search service provider, with the core function of providing investors with global forex broker information inquiry service in multiple dimensions including regulatory status, license and qualification, risk information, credit evaluation, field survey, etc. for full reference, in order to help them avoid risks effectively. Meanwhile, WikiGlobal is committed to creating a safer and more convenient forex investment and improving the healthy development of the industry.

WikiGlobal has developed a big data solution integrating data collection, screening, aggregation, modeling, and productization based on public data released by government, advanced sniffing systems, and scientific computer algorithms. Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the regulation and risks of the companies listed on the platform enables WikiGlobal to offer premium security solutions to individual investors, businesses, and government agencies.

WikiGlobal has successfully built an Internet product matrix, with WikiFX, WikiEXPO, WikiTrade, ForexPay and WikiBit as the core, forming an ecological closed-loop of search, inquiry, analysis, transaction and payment, in order to better provide high-quality security solutions for individual investors, businesses, and government agencies.


CapBay is an award-winning Supply Chain Finance and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Financing platform that helps SMEs grow and unlock cashflow trapped in their supply chain by providing financing solutions. Through our proprietary credit-decisioning model, businesses of all sizes can obtain financing while banks and investors can participate in high-quality financing deals.

CapBay is recognized as a leader in Supply Chain Finance winning many accolades and invited to speak at major international events. CapBay was the first Malaysian fintech to win “Fintech Startup of the Year” by The Asset Triple-A Digital Awards, a coveted banking industry award which recognises technological achievements spanning across APAC.’



Remitly is one of the world’s leading money movement companies, processing >$30bn in annual send.


GoldZip is the gold backed digital token issue by the subsidiary of Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange


NORDEK is a revolutionary platform that accelerates process optimization, scalability, security, and simplicity, for GameFi and payments. By expanding the use cases of cryptocurrencies beyond exchanges, wallets, and DAOs, NORDEK is reimagining the web3 space with its innovative approach to blockchain technology. One of the key features of our layer-2 blockchain is its use of a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, which enables faster processing of transactions and the potential to handle 1000+ transactions per second. NORDEK has launched several solutions amongst which are Norpay, Norfly, Norflix, Swapperly and Plutopad. Nordek has 130 active competitors including Ripple, BitPay, Coinify, Zebec, and Alchemy Pay and it ranks 62nd among them.


TerraPay is a cross border infrastructure and solutions company


A pioneering supporter of fintech collaborations in Singapore and Vietnam


Leading embedded finance platform enabling financial wellness of digital platforms in Pakistan and emerging markets


Insurance Company specialising in Financial and Cyber Risk


Mora is an innovative startup, striving to revolutionize the insurance industry in South East Asia. Our expert team, composed of seasoned insurance professionals, is leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies to enhance accessibility, knowledge and decision-making power in the field of insurance.

As a versatile platform, Mora caters to a diverse range of users.

The general public can leverage Mora’s capabilities to ask any insurance-related questions, facilitating them in purchasing an insurance plan that fits their specific needs.

We also extend our services to insurance salespeople, such as direct agents and brokers, providing them with the tools to train their own AI-driven virtual assistants to better serve their clients.

Beyond this, we offer advanced AI services, like data labelling, virtual assistants, and virtual auditors to insurance companies, streamlining their processes and enhancing their operational efficiency.

At Mora, we believe in harnessing the power of AI to empower individuals, transform businesses and reshape the future of insurance in South East Asia.


A modern proprietary trading firm which harness the power of technology to benefits the traders


Innovative digital payments solution and service provider with presence in South-East Asia

We are the management arm of the various microfinance business in the SE region


GXS Bank aims to improve the banking services offered to the unbanked and underserved segments

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