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WOGI is a digital rewards as a service for consumer, employees and channel engagement.


About Us

We are industry practitioners with a collective experience of more than half a century. What drives us is the need to simplify things for everyone. The corporate world sometimes over-complicate things to make them look like very tricky and difficult work. We have the vision to create a platform that brings great minds together and share their ideas, concepts, vision, and perspectives.

Society today needs new voices, as our established pillars of the last century are showing cracks. We are the stage that tomorrow’s change catalysts would take to give the world a new direction. Agility Exchange is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Dreams that will bring us to the new reality. Nothing is impossible!!!


Finprosys is focused on building scalable enterprise business and technology platforms for clients


Atato is a Blockchain Service Provider for enterprise.


Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide


BetaBlocks enables you to manage your investments like a professional portfolio manager, helping your investments grow in a sustainable way.


MyComplianceOffice is the leading provider of Conduct Risk Solutions.


Stemly enables decision science in the enterprises with autonomous forecasting & optimisation


Dacxi is a fintech company pioneering crowd finance, with a mission to change the lives of everyone


Democratize the trading ecosystem with a unique digital trading platform that is bold, simple & fun.


Unipro Consultancy is a software solution provider for SME’s


Almost every company that has to integrate with the legacy financial institutions faces several challenges when it comes to their product cycle. Not only are the APIs and documentations less available, but they are also old school and ridden with errors and loopholes.

On top of that, the lack of a single point of contact from the underlying institutions, makes the already long integration cycle of 5 months feel like a temple run between different departments. And since those services break and update over time, you can imagine the nightmare in terms of coordination between the tech teams.

We are a full-stack API banking platform where you can come, select your desired modules, play in the sandbox, and launch your product with just a few lines of code in a couple of weeks! Not only that, but we also take care of all upcoming fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow.

It’s that easy, as it should be. Welcome to the future.


We transform complex regulations into digital compliance rules that are easily access by everyone


Own AI and Analytics technology platform with cutting-edge AI Explainability


Development of software for interactive media, data service while start R&D in blockchain since 2018


We specialize in the digitalization of financial needs analysis


We provides end-to-end outsourcing services for our clients across the globe in IT infrastructure


Asset Management related tech (KYC/AML/AI)


FII launched TradeAssets in 2020, a portal & the first e-marketplace of its kind for Banks and Cos

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