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Metaschool is a leading web3 education platform for developers to learn, build and ship in web3. Founded in 2022, the platform has over 140K developer users, deep coverage of 20+ blockchains and the platform offers accelerated learning paths like Road2Web3, BuildWeek to help cultivate community and camaraderie among developers. Metaschool is funded by Sequoia, Polygon, Draper, DCG etc and is founded by Fatima Rizwan, an entrepreneur with 10+ yrs of experience of building and scaling media, tech and content business.


Development of technologies for quantitative trading and predictive analytics


Abnk is a platform that leverages AI and Blockchain technologies to provide innovative financial services


TRUSTDOCK is Japan’s leading KYC company that is now expanding throughout Southeast Asia.

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions.


We’re striving to modernize the post trade processing infrastructure in Financial Services industry.

IXX Exchange is a dedicated to the realm of the blockchain ecology of the exchange


One-Click login for Web 3.0 Mainstream users’ gateway to the decentralized ecosystem.


FUSE Technologies focuses on the development of innovative blockchain-based financial products.


A global ID verification company that provides KYC/AML/KYB for customer onboarding in 232+ different countries in 30-60 seconds with 99.6% in competitive and customised pricing.

VarAInce researches investment and trading solutions via Machine Learning.


Marketing automation company specializing in CCM, RPA, WCMS, BI and CRM and CRM with focus on BFSI


We are a Singapore based technology company. We are a technology company.

We are building the future of social and payments.


Placing real security and usability on equal footing, SecureAge Technology is a data security company headquartered in Singapore. Our history is one of protecting government and enterprise data from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. The simple and user-centric solutions arising from the SecureAge philosophy of Inherent & Invisible Data Security provide clarity and calm in the most complex security environments. SecureAge patented technologies provide total data protection through advanced encryption techniques. Our team applies unparalleled expertise, ingenuity, and passion to offer the world’s highest level of data security to everyone.

Financial investment company specializing in Fintech and Biotech

Dr Wealth provides trusted financial education to individuals.


Gojo & Company is a global finance company based in Japan

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FOMO Pay Pte. Ltd. provides a one-stop online/offline Chinese payment solution including WeChat Pay, Alipay, Baidu Wallet, and China UnionPay for local merchants to facilitate payment collection from China market and Chinese tourists. It’s the most demanding solution in hospitality, tourism, F&B, education, retail industry, etc.

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