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TRUSTDOCK is Japan’s leading KYC company that is now expanding throughout Southeast Asia.


Fintech consultancy providing executive recruitment and lead generation services


Bambu is a B2B robo-advisor based in Singapore that provides digital wealth services. Its white-label solutions are available for retail, affluent, and private banking segments. Its Robo-in-a-Box offering is available through its DriveWealth partnership.


Oriente is a tech & data science company committed to unlocking opportunity through financial access


LITMUS is a public relations and communications firm based in Singapore, with the services and solutions to drive your success. We work with established corporations, and innovation-driven startups, in adtech, AI, analytics, cloud, data, finance/fintech, robotics, telco and many other business, technology and consumer areas.

We develop outcome-driven campaigns, providing communications strategy, content marketing, thought leadership, public relations, media management, social media, digital and design solutions.


Compliy is an AI Technology Company transforming the way compliance teams manage regulatory change. Through our AI Regulatory Impact Assistant (ARIA), Compliy reduces the cost and resources needed for regulatory change by 30% through an easy-to-use, subscription-based, cloud platform. We provide AI regulatory review and analysis, automated policy mapping, and live tracking of compliance actions within your organization. Like any good assistant, ARIA is there to help you with the heavy lifting – allow us to do the ordinary so your team can do the extraordinary.


BlueFire AI delivers revenue generating Signals for the Capital Markets Industry


The Secured ID makes customer onboarding process quick and secure


4xLabs is a FinTech company that provides foreign currency exchange solutions through Web tools and mobile apps. The company also provides APIs and software platforms for money changers.


Contour builds open trade finance network collaborate blockchain technology with Banks & Corporates


CardsPal empowers you to maximise saving and optimise spending.

CardsPal aggregates all the payment card deals and acts as a one stop platform that allows you to discover deals across all categories such as dining, online, retail, wellness, travel etc.


We created a consistent proprietary machine learning framework for assigning a corporate credit rating that could be applied to both public and private companies globally with no capacity constraint.


We are a technology-enabled consultancy, with the main focus on robotic process automation (RPA). We build software robots that can mimic human actions, to control computers and complete jobs traditionally done by white-collar works. It can also be called “long tail automation”​.

Our core product, Gleematic, is robotic software to help you automate manual business processes – especially the repetitive ones – so that you can free yourself and your colleagues to do more value-added work. Software robots are flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones.

>> Examples of tasks that RPA can help with:
– “Copy and Paste” into various systems
– Data entry and compilation
– Survey result collation
– Performing system checks
– Finance transaction (e.g. invoice/ purchase order) recording
– Web scraping (visiting and extracting data from multiple websites)
– Other repetitive and/or rule-based tasks


Boogle is a blockchain search engine where user can search and also pay the ads


Southeast Asia’s leading Fintech platform providing last-mile financial access to the region.

QCP Capital is an innovative firm leading the charge in digital economy trading in Asia. Strategically headquartered in Singapore, and leveraging on our global network, we maximize emerging opportunities in the digital economy market.

Our growth is underpinned by a strong, dynamic and talented team, with prior backgrounds in hedge funds, FX trading, venture capital, research, and technological development.


Surer harnesses the power of InsurTech to help General Insurance intermediaries optimise process efficiencies to close a deal faster.

A market-first system, Surer will help digitise manual tracking work, simplify and systemize rudimentary processes and facilitate networking and resource sharing. This will allow agents and financial advisors to be able to pitch better and close faster.

Most importantly, for them to be ‘surer’ about the way they run their business.


Switchnovate is responsible for the international hub function of the CTIA Group. In Singapore, where companies with diverse business interests from all over the world gather, we use cutting-edge technology and know-how to help create new business models for various institutions. Our purpose is to support enterprises’ value development.

Formed by combining “Switch” and “Inovate”,“Switchnovate” represents our aim to advance a client’s digital transformation mainly through employing the characteristics of blockchain technology and making good use of them. We will contribute to the world by “Switching” businesses to digital frameworks and “Inovate” their business models and processes.

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