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Onfido is a digital identity verification provider.


Singapore Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform and Merchant Payment Gateway


StashAway is South East Asia’s leading digital wealth management platform


Planner Bee is bridging the gap in digital financial services, bringing financial advisory digital.


About Us

We are industry practitioners with a collective experience of more than half a century. What drives us is the need to simplify things for everyone. The corporate world sometimes over-complicate things to make them look like very tricky and difficult work. We have the vision to create a platform that brings great minds together and share their ideas, concepts, vision, and perspectives.

Society today needs new voices, as our established pillars of the last century are showing cracks. We are the stage that tomorrow’s change catalysts would take to give the world a new direction. Agility Exchange is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and dreams. Dreams that will bring us to the new reality. Nothing is impossible!!!


Spenmo is a B2B spend-management platform with physical and virtual card offerings. We aim to automate all-related company expenses and help companies eliminate fraud and overspending.


We are an Enterprise software company offering 5 mission critical apps on blockchain. Focussed on supply chain and build on Hyperledger business platform. Our goal is to support enterprise level blockchain adoption.
Our enterprise grade blockchain apps are purpose build for collaborative commerce in large Supply chain organisations. Maximizing our apps, Customers initiate and run end to end digital smart contracts, trade finance, traceability, visibility in blockchain with our own packaged blockchain connectors to legacy ERP, Mobile devices and other IOT devices. Check out dlt.sg for our plug and play blockchain apps – SmartCon, SmartFin, SmartCode, SmartAccess and BC Link.


The CapBridge Financial private markets solution helps companies and investors unlock value via a uniquely integrated primary syndication and secondary trading approach.


Hatcher+ uses deep learning and automated workflow tech to invest in leading startups.


Real estate investment platform enabling you to buy & sell pieces in rental real estate.


We provide Remittance Application to remittance agents

Ryalize is an employee financial wellness platform that partners with businesses to provide their employees with instant access to their earned but yet unpaid wages.


ComplyAdvantage has built a global proprietary database on AML risk exposures covering Sanctions and Watchlists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Adverse Media.Every minute of every day, the amount of available information about AML risk exposures increases.We help you to search globally to find the relevant information quickly, cutting through the noise and reducing false positives.


Solus is an adaptive platform that offers a versatile suite of multi-factor authentication software


TranSwap is a P2P currency exchange platform that matches FX needs of users with other users at the mid-market exchange rate. The money is transferred to TranSwap?s segregated account, and the currency exchanges of the users are matched accordingly.


We’re committed to delivering a scalable and secure platform for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralised applications.


PFYN Advisory is know for its streamlining an aggregation of spot liquidity in certain commodities

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