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OpenText Banking Solution helps enhance customer engagements, gain insights and maintain compliance.


MyComplianceOffice is the leading provider of Conduct Risk Solutions.


Skooly is a global collaboration and payments platform for modern schools


Transwarp is focusing on enterprise level cloud computing on container, Big Data and AI core platform research and services, Leading a New Era in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Software. Transwarp is headquartered in Shanghai, with regional headquarters in Beijing, Guangzhou, Toronto, and support centres in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chendu, and numerous offices in different provinces. After years of R&D, Transwarp has developed five product lines with many patents: one-stop Big Data platform Transwarp Data Hub (TDH), container based cloud platform Transwarp Data Cloud (TDC), AI platform Transwarp Sophon, DBMS products (ArgoDB-distributed flash based DBMS and StellarDB-distributed graph DBMS) and Hyper- Converged Big Data server TxData. In 2017, Transwarp was recognized by IDC as the leader of the Big Data market in China. Now it has thousands of use cases in more than 10 industries. Meanwhile, Transwarp attaches great importance to knowledge exporting and personnel training on big data and AI, founded the Transwarp University, which focuses on training product R&D (curriculum, textbooks, courseware, and practical platform), and provides professional certification and training services; all of which has garnered Transwarp a wide range of brand recognition. Transwarp has finished D1 round financing, which was led by TCL Capital and CCIG.


We help companies meet increasing ESG demands through fintech and regtech that helps build and enhance the profile and processes (Readiness for sustainability, UN SDG goals, Carbon profiling, Sustainability frameworks). This prepares them for green financing and other collaborative opportunities with the goal of helping their communities.


Adopting blockchain technology to provide seamless digital asset solutions to customers and business


Yuñ ESG is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions


FNZ is a global wealth management platform provider partnering with financial institutions


AxeTrading is the award winning global fixed income trading technology company.


BRDA is a big data monetization company focused on creating fintech-focused products from data.


Dedicated to the “EAM”, WIZE is a flexible web solution, all-in-one, with a end-to-end coverage: portfolio management, orders, CRM, compliance, invoicing, back office and e-banking access.


Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge

Startup intending to deploy software to change how some financial services are carried


Our firm is a boutique law firm based in Singapore providing quality business law solutions.


We’re striving to modernize the post trade processing infrastructure in Financial Services industry.


BioCatch is the leader in behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to combat fraud


InfraBlocks is a digital platform for financial institutions to monitor their impact to the SDGs.


UQPAY is a financial technology enterprise focused on the development of next-generation converged payment technology, providing a secure and convenient global payment solution for the merchants and developers by relying on leading technical barriers and strong innovation ability and is committed to become a leading one-stop global payment service provider.


Synfindo is a Fintech start-up that is committed to building innovative products for the Financial Services Industry.

We seek to enable growth for the financial services industry across the globe, by accelerating collaboration opportunities between Financial Institutions and Fintechs.

Through technological enablement and digitization, Financial Institutions can improve their customer solutions and both serve their existing customers better and access newer market segments across emerging markets.

Fintechs, developers and other innovative companies can also be a part of a global ecosystem showcasing their solutions in a trusted and convenient manner enhancing growth in both their business commercials and overall reputation.

​One of our products, APIX allows FIs to search for and discover innovative, digital solutions from FinTechs and then rapidly design, experiment and deploy these solutions. We are also building new products using either our own proprietary technology or using pre-existing solutions already available in an easy-to-use manner.

We are headquartered in Singapore and our priority markets include ASEAN, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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