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Solderfield is a technology-based business-solutions provider for the Banking and Finance industry. Founded in February 2007 by a group of senior banking technologists with a wealth of knowledge- in the financial domain, banking systems architecture design and implementation experiences- the company was conceived in its realm of expertise.

Dedicated to banking design and finance solutions in the current technological landscape, Solderfield offers avant-garde products and services for the industry. The company is devoted to helping financial institutions optimize their operations by implementing our advanced infrastructure -solutions.

Narus specialises in turning complex legal documents into actionable insights


Digital Health Data Analytics Company helping BFSI companies create novel financial products


Lumiq is a comprehensive wealth management platform that automates smart asset allocation, optimisation and tracking.
We provide institutional grade tools that cover investment risk, return and probability of loss, and make it easy for advisors to track goals – for portfolios or a person’s life goals.

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Xen is the first-of-its-kind wealth management platform enabling affluent investors access to alternative investments to achieve active returns.

We live in an age where access to the right investments can be a door to wealth and financial security. In Asia, where there has been an unprecedented growth in wealth, the current force of economic influence and power is among the young and affluent, the millennials and XENnials.

Only a fraction of all wealth in Asia is tapped into the wealth management industry and affluents have virtually zero access to the above market returns and performance of alternatives investments.

It is now time to transform an industry traditionally dominated by and designed for HNWIs and institutional investors – and give affluent investors access and liquidity.

Xen provides its clients with:

1) First-of-its-kind access to alternatives – Xen’s platform provides affluent investors access to the Xen Fund of Funds, which invests in top-performing alternative assets including hedge funds, trade finance funds, private equity funds, commodity funds and real estate funds.

2) Innovative liquidity solutions and protection through smart contracts – The use of blockchain technology and tokenization allows for unprecedented liquidity. Xen converts your investment into a digital asset called a Security Token. As an investor, you can trade this asset for liquidity through a regulated exchange (i.e. a secondary market platform.) Through the use of smart contracts, KYC rules and compliance can be enforced.

3) Control and transparency – Xen uses proprietary robo-advisory to customize portfolios to clients’ life goals and risk/reward tolerance. This provides affluent investors a higher level and quality of advice which was previously only available to HNWI and institutional investors.


FinxFlo (FXF) is a global crypto brokerage designed to help traders access better pricing with an unparalleled level of transparency and efficiency. By aggregating protocols & exchanges.


Plug and Play growth accelerator for B2B Enterprise Software Fintech’s


InfraBlocks is a digital platform for financial institutions to monitor their impact to the SDGs.


CloudControl is a cloud security platform by Pragma, a cybersecurity consultancy focused on helping organisations secure themselves from digital risks. CloudControl aims to provide a secure, affordable and constantly compliant cloud platform for organisations.


Treasury training and advisory firm specialised in bespoke simulation and gamification tools.


A blockchain based digital asset exchange, launched on ethereum blockchain..

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Credit as a Service platform that streamlines and optimizes payment and credit for businesses

We develop solutions for a global environment built on blockchains, including trace and analysis of transactions, proof of funds, AML for banks, businesses, financial institutions and private persons.

Analysis of applications of smart contracts for real world based on common sence.

Engineering expertise in blockchain industry.

Mining solutions and expertise.


Wirex is a worldwide digital payment platform and regulated institution, that has forged new rules in the digital payments space. In 2015, the firm developed the world’s first contactless payment card that gives users the ability to seamlessly spend digital and traditional currencies in real life.


BVI Finance is the voice of the British Virgin Islands’ financial services industry

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