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BaaSid is a completely new authentication network that does not have a separate centralized DB server but is certified in a private information public network. BaaSiD- Blockchain as a Service in Data. Focus on Data Security and Big Data AI Applications

Services include of ICO launch advisory, blockchain development, escrow services, tokens trading buy/sell, tokenomics & tokens conversion, wallet security implementation, fintech & blockchain education and crypto farm rig mining.


Matrix Invent is a regional based VAR with complementary solutions offering appropriate solutions which build systems that will allow companies to comprehensively engage with their customers, promote employee empowerment, optimise business operations as well as re-invent new products and business models swiftly.


A trusted and independent provider of data intelligence for Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cyber Security professionals.

SSG is a pioneer and market leader in the distribution of smart card issuance and digital identity related technology for the financial, government and enterprise sectors.


We are a Singapore based cyber security product company since 2012. Our flagship product, WebOrion, is developed internally and has helped many organizations across Asia Pacific and Australia to protect their websites against DDOS and data breaches. We are in the midst of starting new blockchain projects and glad to be part of the Fintech ecosystem


Sixscape Communications is an infosecurity firm based in Singapore. It simplifies digital certificate infrastructure and enabling seamless secure messaging and end-to-end direct communications for users and organizations to truly secure their communications via two Internet protocols: Identity Registration Protocol (IRP) and SixChat protocol.


Create. Innovate. Transform. These values are etched in the philosophy of Spacetime Technology. Only your imagination is the limit. Spacetime Technology Pte Ltd is in the business of bringing you tomorrow’s technology today through creating innovations and breakthroughs for the global navigational satellite industry. As a leading player in providing cutting-edge navigational satellite technology and industry-leading expertise, Spacetime pledges to help its stakeholders build a competitive edge for seamless expansion into the unlimited potential of the navigational satellite and location-based service business. Being the first of its kind in Singapore, Spacetime Technology is appointed as the Centre of Excellence for GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and LBS (Location-based Service) technologies and supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore. This Centre of Excellence is endorsed by GLAC (GNSS & Location Based Services Association of China) which brings about 2,000 best of breed companies & experts from China’s GNSS and LBS industries for regional clients and partners of Spacetime to leverage upon. One key focus of the centre is concentrated on R&D activities (research and development) in navigation and location-based applications. As an economic driver of navigational satellite technology, Spacetime Technology’s establishment as a global hub showcases various industry leading successes which are well proven in various verticals industries counting banking & finance, hospitality, transportation, security, retail and beyond.


KPMG Digital Village helps business on their innovation journey – whether it’s building an innovation culture, developing innovative solutions, or investing in the next big idea to add value to the core business.
Like a living lab for innovation, KPMG Digital Village brings corporates start-ups, investors, and government bodies together in a collaborative ecosystem to drive the adoption and integration of innovative solutions, and deliver tangible outcomes to specific business challenges


KYCK! is a first level KYC platform with remote onboarding capabilities that raise the quality of first level KYC, at a higher level of convenience. We believe in data security. This is why we have collaborated with IBM to store identities on a private, permissioned blockchain network.


Apvera, a leader in automated threat intelligence solutions, is transforming the way organizations detect, prevent and predict real-time Behavioral threat anomalies. Through user and entity behavior analytics, Apvera Insight 360 profiles malicious and abusive activities that otherwise go unnoticed, and effectively consolidates and prioritizes threats identified applying actionable intelligence so organizations can quickly prevent or mitigate loss. Powered by machine learning, and advanced semantic computing, Apvera prioritizes threats, both external and internal, that pose the greatest business risk, enabling organizations to make rapid decisions on where to focus time and resources.



Identitii’s token technology provides banks with a platform to exchange detailed payment information with no change to legacy systems. Identitii uses tokens and a distributed ledger to enrich traditional payments with attributes and documentation to a payments message,including originator and beneficiary records and attributes from Markit & Genpact’s Identitii was announced as a presenter in Finovate Fall New York 2016 and was accepted to pitch at Tokyo FinSum hosted by Japan FSA and Nikkei. It was part of the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) Fintech Hackcelerator in 2016.


InsureVite is a dual-role, modular technology solution using blockchain and AI for the financial industry. Split between the front-end and back-end, InsureVite helps insurers save up to 70% of operational costs, streamline and automate end to end processes, determine claims outcome, provide 24/7 customer service and acts as the digital assistant to the customer. For financial institutions, InsureVite can be utilised for enhancing user experience, providing faster turnaround time for credit facility applications by using a host of technologies to determine outcome.


Founded in 2013, Tongdun Technology is a professional independent Intelligent Risk Management service provider headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Since its inception, Tongdun has been serving its clients under a risk control concept that lies on building an “intelligent trusted network”. By integrating artificial intelligence into risk control, it offers clients from the P2P, lender microfinance, banking, insurance, funds management, third-party payment, air travel, e-commerce, O2O, gaming, social media, live video streaming etc., industries intelligent total risk control solutions that are highly efficient.

As a Leader in Intelligent Risk Management, Tongdun wishes to constantly improve its services through continuous product and technology innovation, and applies Artificial Intelligence deeply into the area of internet risk management and antifraud. After rapid growth in the last few years, Tongdun has become the largest and most respected service provider in the industry, with more than 10000 corporations whom has chosen Tongdun as its suppler of choice. In addition to the trust of clients, Tongdun is also favored by top capital institutions both at home and abroad with the brand of the most commercially valuable service provider within the intelligent risk management industry in China. Up to now, Tongdun has received five rounds of financing, with the total amount of nearly 200 million dollars, and was listed in the “Top100 Global Science & Technology Innovators 2015” by the Red Herring Magazine and “Best Cloud-based Application in China 2017” by the Asian Banker, “Best Risk Management Partner” of China’s Leaders in Fintech 2017 by the Asia Money. Besides, Tongdun also received many other awards.

In December, 2017, Tongdun issued the service philosophy of AaaS (Analysis as a Service). It is an innovative approach based on the traditional risk control service. AaaS is different from the traditional patterns like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), which solely provide a platform, a tool or data service. AaaS can provide analytical service based on intelligent algorithm models in multiple segmented financial scenarios (such as marketing, risk control, investment and operation) as per business demands of different financial institutions, thus empowering financial institutions with capabilities and boosting core competitiveness of financial institutions.

Tongdun Technology was awarded a “High and New Technology Enterprise” certificate on November 13, 2017. The awarding of this status reflects the State’s recognition of and support for the company’s innovation ability and development potential.

In early 2018, Tongdun Technology and Zhejiang University joined hands to set up an artificial intelligence laboratory for the purpose of exploring frontier technologies and commercial applications in artificial intelligence.

Tongdun International, the Singapore arm of Tongdun Technology, was incorporated in January 2018 as a foray into the Southeast Asia market. At the same time, Tongdun has invested in a blockchain research institute in Canada to delve into Live Apps that use blockchain technology.

Today, with headquarters in Hangzhou, Tongdun Technology has branches in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Chongqing and many other cities. More than 70% of Tongdun’s team members are veteran experts in big data, technology, risk management, anti-fraud, artificial intelligence and other related area. Through the establishment of a distributed intelligent trust network, Tongdun is quickly becoming the most respected intelligent data analytics company in China, and getting closer to realize our “Make Trusted Life Better” vision.


An era of trust begins with ADERA. We are Singapore’s globally trusted leader in datasecurity and automation, working in partnership with international banks, businessesand governments to advance the future of a secure world.

Trust is our algorithm. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies dedicated to customers’ security, we stand on a foundation of trust forged over 30 years. From digital identification, payment solutions, automation, and smart cards – we innovate smart solutions by anticipating customers’ needs.

At the backbone of ADERA is the power of AI. More than the acronym of artificial intelligence, AI is our collaborative culture of Activating Ideas together. A partnership of human and AI with over 200 R&D engineers harnessing cutting-edge technology,
we advance intelligence for a better and safer future.

Don’t just adapt to the future.
Advance it with ADERA.


Kyckr (ASX:KYK) is a multi-award winning provider of corporate KYC data and automation services. Kyckr accelerates corporate customer on-boarding in over 200 countries. Kyckr simplifies regulatory compliance by automating the capture and currency of corporate documentation. Kyckr automation improves top-line and bottom-line business performance and is easily integrated with existing processes via web services, and connects to multiple cloud, utility, and blockchain platforms.

Uniquely Kyckr provides real-time access to reliable corporate data and statutory filings sourced from legally authoritative sources. We deliver automated information capture from corporate documents and information extraction via Optical Character Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

Kyckr real-time APIs and on-line services “lighten the load” of corporate KYC validation and verification for an entity and its directors, shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners. Kyckr further simplifies corporate “ongoing due diligence” with automated monitoring of global entities and its “associated parties”, ensuring that corporate customer data is “current, correct, & compliant”.


ACTICO provides software solutions and technologies for the management of operational decisions in the digital world. We support banks, insurance companies and financial service providers with the implementation of systems for the operative management of decisions.

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Avvanz ScreenGlobal ( is the first-in-industry online background check and due diligence platform which allows anyone to order a check within a minute. It covers more than 170 countries. In highly regulated industries like the FinTech space whereby people or company related discrepancies can exceed 30%, it’s extremely critical to Know Your Employee and Know Your Client (or Partner or Vendor).


BankGuard, inc., offers an online security application for countermeasures against the attacks on online banking. BankGuard provides countermeasure technology which defends against unauthorized access and fraudulent remittance including man-in-the-middle-attacks (MITM/MITB). BankGuard?s solution, SuperMatrix, uses a chart of random images (rather than numbers) that are printed directly on an ID, credit or debit card. The company is based in Musashino, Japan.


Argentra was founded in 2001 with a core focus on Information Security. A key achievement was winning a contract to develop and implement a custom data security application for the Defence industry. Our commercial clients benefit from our experience in high security environments. Argentra’s technical experts also provide technical consultation and support to other system integrators who require our specialised technical skills

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