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SlideSG Pte Ltd is a company providing mobile remittance and money-changing services licensed under the Monetary Authority of Singapore. As the subsidiary company of iAPPS Pte Ltd, SlideSG provides its customers with a FinTech solution that disrupts the traditional remittance and money-changing service industry.

Reaching out to the unbanked foreign workers in Singapore, SlideSG provides them with FinTech services that bring convenience to their lives. Using the SLIDE mobile app that encompasses a digital wallet, SlideSG customers are able to execute remittance and money-changing transactions anytime and anywhere.


CashChanger is the #1 exchange rate information board for money-changing & Remittance services


An innovative fintech in the digital cross-border remittance space


SingX is a Singapore based Fintech company, which is run by a group of ex-bankers. SingX has developed an innovative solution for cross border payments. The company began operations in Singapore in January 2017 with plans to expand to other Asian Markets. SingX has developed a proprietary technology ( which enables both consumers & their businesses to enjoy a cheaper (more transparent), faster and more convenient way to make cross border payments. The SingX model is fully electronic and follows strict KYC/compliance standards. SingX has remittance licenses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia

Payment Service Institution which include cross border remittance and money changing

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ONEPIP Group specializes in remittances, with licensed subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore




TerraPay is a cross border infrastructure and solutions company


CTD Connecting the Dots is a boutique firm providing consultancy, marketing research and strategy, and project management services in the area of Payments, Remittances and Financial Inclusion.


Remitly is one of the world’s leading money movement companies, processing >$30bn in annual send.

Phoenix Connect is a FinTech applying for its remittance license with MAS.


We provide Remittance Application to remittance agents


DT One operates a leading global network for mobile top-up solutions, innovative mobile rewards and airtime credit services. We can help over five billion people across emerging economies to have greater access to digital communications, stay better connected and as a result, participate more actively in the global economy. Our global network interconnects more than 1000 telco, digital and financial partners across 160 countries and delivers smarter data-driven mobile solutions to ensure that no one is left unconnected.

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“Bruc Bond simplifies corporate banking. It connects entity clients to a diverse network of partner banks, and manages their relationship seamlessly for the long term.

Licensed by the MAS as a major payment institution, Bruc Bond offers a complete business transaction banking solution.

Bruc Bond’s unique banking relationship management service facilitates the opening of corporate transactional bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions around the world, including Singapore, European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Bruc Bond’s cutting-edge online banking platform easily integrates multiple bank accounts in a unified interface, for straightforward management of finances and cross-border payments. Connectivity to external software and 3rd-party providers via API means that clients can manage all banking operations from a single log-in window.

A dedicated account manager for each client, client-focused service, and unmatched expertise on international payments make Bruc Bond an ideal partner for a unified suite of international payment services.”


MoneyMatch is the pioneer to introduce an eKYC app approved by BNM and became the first FinTech graduate from the Regulatory Sandbox. MoneyMatch now serves more than 10,000 digital customers monthly.


SGQUICKPAY PTE LTD has a dynamic way to resolve the remittance business in a completely new strategy


eRemit Singapore is a secure global money transfer service offered by Kliq Pte Ltd

eWallet Service for corp clients at remittance, p2p lending and payment gateway industries.

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