The CapBridge Financial private markets solution helps companies and investors unlock value via a uniquely integrated primary syndication and secondary trading approach.


We are an intuitive subscription management platform that allows users to easily purchase, manage and automate their company’s subscriptions from a single window.

We combine deep technological expertise with our understanding of business financials to constantly update and evolve our services.

Our mission is to create tangible value for both enterprise subscription providers and subscribers in an effort to transform the enterprise subscription industry.

We are driven by our collective hunger for success. We are continually striving to innovate and grow.

We are up and about subscriptions!


Alphanonce is a trading software development and a digital payment token trading firm.


Acquisition, verification and integration of ESG data for KPI-linked financial products.


MonetaGo is a financial technology solutions provider that creates proprietary digital platforms.

Platform offering of peer-to-peer combining both Chat Messaging and Cryptocurrency funds transfer se


Konigle’s software helps to unlock profits for goods sellers.


Venturecap Insights is the only source of accurate, comprehensive and up to date information on fundraising, valuations and revenue for startups and venture backed companies.


We provide marketing/inventory/sales booking software solution for property agencies & developers.


Securities exchange offering primary issuance of digital shares & debentures, secondary trading and optimized post-trade, with automatic clearing, settlement and custody.

UVAS strives to remedy the situation of illiquidity and opaqueness in capital markets and serves as a turnkey solution for listing of assets for trading in a tokenized form in a similar way that stocks are listed on exchanges such as NASDAQ or LSE, but with substantially improved matching engine, and an optimized post trade process. UVAS offers a full-stack asset tokenization solution containing everything from KYC to primary placements of assets in a tokenized form, to secondary market trading and portfolio management as well as custody of digital assets.

UVAS is highly streamlined and automated, and thus substantially cheaper to operate than existing stock exchanges, eliminating 90-95% of post trade costs and drastically improving pre trade workflow with its human-centric UI/UX. While being backwards compatible, UVAS does not rely on any other dependencies to function and offers a full-stack asset tokenization solution containing everything from KYC to primary placements, secondary market trading and all of the post trade processes including autoclearing, and custody.


Provision of B2B2C mobile marketing and payments solution via an integrated app-based consumer platform.


Assembly Payments is a Fintech based in SG that help businesses manage multiple payment workflows


Lucror Analytics is an independent provider of research and smart quant solutions for fixed income


MPayment provides integrated and automated electronic payment and collection services


Bankograph is a fintech player that supports businesses, financial institutions and consumers


Xbourse Global is a financial markets technology organisation


Kryptos-X is a cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin trading platform.


Health-Tech company, focussed on Insurance & Financial Services

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