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About Us

Founded in 2003, we help companies accept payments from over 620 million banked and unbanked Southeast Asia customers.


An international payments platform creating a fairer financial world for businesses everywhere

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aamarPay is an online payment gateway (b2b) & super app (b2c)


Accentpay is an aggregator of payment solutions for online businesses, gathering various payment instruments onto a single platform.

Our company takes an innovative and modern approach to online payments. After many years working with top companies and regularly updating our industry knowledge and practical skills, we have a clear understanding of the needs of internet businesses, as well as of their customers.

Close monitoring of the electronic payment industry’s growth, paired with the active development of technological platforms, allows Accentpay to offer clients the more advanced payment options and to develop unique solutions for any sphere of business.

We view our high standards of customer service, full responsibility for the functionality of technological and financial cycles, and expert consultations regarding opportunities for any company to increase its profits, as an investment into the businesses of our clients.


The modern payment and bank integration solution

Acromobile offers a Payment Tokenization solution for business to facilitate Omni-channel payments. It enables customers to make purchases and transactions across Mobile, Contact Center, and Web.


Aerapass provides white labelled digital banking, compliance technology and services, its a bank in a box. Aerapass has everything you need to take your brand in to the financial world.

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We are a Fintech co that provide customized solution for corporate clients and retail market in the SEA region


Aimazing is a sound wave SDK provider for mobile wallets, allowing users to make payments at POS by sound wave-encrypted technology. Aimazing offers an SDK for mobile wallets or any relevant applications to encrypt and transfer information between devices through sound.


Paytech company with presence in US, Philippines and Singapore.


Airwallex is a Fintech company that specializes in cross-border payments

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Founded in 2014 in Singapore by a team of professionals with strong business and technology expertise within the banking and finance industry. Aleta Planet provides end-to-end technology solutions for Financial Institutions and corporates. We focus on a client specific, solutions-oriented approach and have successfully delivered highly regulated, licensed (by Monetary Authority of Singapore) and secured leading edge technology solutions.

Our proprietary solutions are principally involved in research, design, development, implementation and maintenance of our finance technologies for our clients. We work closely with clients to envision their success and collaborate seamlessly with their teams to ensure desired results are achieved and sustained.

Aleta Planet is an innovative financial technology company that provides state of the art technology and continuously pioneering new financial solutions with its highly dedicated and qualified team.

Aleta Planet is also a direct acquirer and issuer of UnionPay International, offering cross-border, multi-currency transactions safely and securely. As a global payment facilitator that interconnects different payment options and types, Aleta Planet prides itself on simplifying efficient online payments. Being a Certified Principal Member of UnionPay International, Aleta Planet enables merchants to accept over 7 billion UnionPay cards issued globally. Additionally, Aleta Planet will issue UnionPay International commercial cards. Cardholders of this new co-branded card can use it to pay any of the 41 million merchants that accept UnionPay in over 177 countries.

With this partnership, UnionPay International will accelerate its international network expansion by leveraging Aleta Planet’s omnichannel capabilities and global reach.

Aleta Planet has been a pioneer in payment technology solutions specialising in B2B sector since 2014. Through our in-house R & D technology team, we have evolved to became industry experts in developing advanced and robust financial technology solutions. With big corporate companies moving into a paperless and digital world, Aleta Planet is at the forefront of the financial technology world to harness and meet the high expectations and demands of the B2B sector.
With the success of its financial solutions in the corporate sector, Aleta Planet continues to build on this success by expanding its capacity and capabilities into the Business to Consumer sector.

The 3 major success pillars of Aleta Planet are our ability to seamlessly integrate the human touch and understand new global IT languages and trends to develop our proprietary technology solutions. These three pillars will be our driving forces in the future which is to create our future series of data driven, AI robotic technology known as Aleta.

Each of our solutions is powered by our own proprietary common integrated platform, which creates significant economies and efficiencies of scale. The integrated operating platform is supported by agile and scalable technology and combines robust operating capabilities, including treasury, customisable rule engine and payments processing infrastructure couple with strong compliance and risk management capabilities. Our capabilities span the full spectrum of the payments value chain, from origination and processing to distribution, all attuned to market nuances and regulatory requirements.

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Welcome to Debia, a unique brand under the renowned Alldebit Pte Ltd, a leading Major Payment Institution in Singapore. Our journey began in 2011, with a commitment to reshaping the global payments sector. We pride ourselves on our focus on creating innovative digital payment solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.


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Alpha Payments Cloud is a payments-focused cloud-based IT firm that provides merchants, banks, and payment product providers access to the global payments world via one integration and platform. Alpha Payments Cloud developed the industry’s first comprehensive cloud-based enterprise app store for payments. It was selected for the spring 2016 class of the Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator.

AND Global Pte. is a Singapore based fintech company that is well-positioned to expand across Asia with its AI powered digital products offering accessible finance to millions of under-served people.

The company’s proprietary platform provides instant credit scoring and unlocks access to unsecured personal loans and payment options instantly to customers on their mobile devices.

AND Systems, a subsidiary of AND Global, successfully launched LendMN, a mobile based personal loan product for Mongolia in 2016. Its ongoing success proves the effectiveness of digital lending that provides inclusive access to low-cost, no collateral loans.

Led by international investors, AND Global plans to fuel its growth by opening the floodgates to its services in a number of under-banked markets in South East Asia.

The founding team at AND Global is spearheaded by internationally experienced entrepreneurs, financiers from Mongolia and former AI project leaders with experience in the US and Japan. AND Global’s R&D is engineered by pioneers in information technology, telecoms and mathematics.

Our vision is to build the future digital infrastructure of services, and thereby bring about constant and incremental changes that are beneficial to the world.
We do not believe bigger is better; our pursuit is sustainable development that lasts at least 102 years.
Our aim is:
• for everyone to enjoy inclusive, sustainable financial services;
• to provide every small business with a level playing field to develop and grow; and
• to make all aspects of digital life accessible — anytime, anywhere, through open collaboration with partners.
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Aquariux builds, develops applications and solutions for clients on the Fintech domain.


Arcadier is a Marketplace-as-a-Service platform for enterprises. Arcadier uses omnichannel technology that enables businesses to understand the needs of consumers. It enables consumers to search, purchase and share products from merchants who are enabled to accept all forms of online and offline payments.


Arrow is a one-click checkout for eCommerce that eliminates checkout friction

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Ascan Marketing Services Pte Ltd has been providing comprehensive offline payment ecosystems for the Singapore market since 1999.
We include multiple payment modes and functions on the same terminal by developing a powerful and scalable switch and provide a backend reconciliation portal to merchants.
Our solutions include the following:
• EDC Payment Terminal Solutions
o Wired and Wireless
o Kiosk / Self-service Solutions
• Loyalty Rebates & Redemption
• PayPoint Digital Payment Switch
• Flexible POS Integration
• Signature Capture & Storage (DRMS)

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