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AutoWealth is an automated investment platform. It allows consumers to invest in diversified portfolios with automated risk assessment, rebalancing, investments, etc.


Noviscient is a technology-based trading platform that uses statistical and machine learning technologies to manage their investments for hedge fund investors. The company provides three businesses: Trading, Labs, and Research.


AMaaS is an open API-driven platform with cloud-based front-to-back office modularized solutions for asset managers. It uses an enterprise-quality centralized database that enables real-time dynamic data management, analytics, and automated solutions. Other solutions include integration with KYC, CFT, and AML providers for holistic & automatic compliance checks and visualization for portfolio risk.

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Anquan Capital provides distributed ledger and trusted computing platforms for financial markets. The Anquan platforms feature a highly scalable consensus protocol that delivers consistent transaction throughout. Anquan Capital is fostering collaboration between market participants through the use of computing technology platforms and is currently working with financial institutions in fund management, investment banking, transaction banking, and securities exchanges.


Smartfolios is an online advisory and investment platform that offers end-to-end digital solutions for financial institutions, online brokerages, banks, private wealth management, multi-family offices, and independent financial advisors. Smartfolio’s platform combines personalized advisory with customizable portfolios to deliver the wealth management experience.


Bondevalue is a Singapore-based FinTech company that focuses on Asian bond markets. Unlike equities which have already been digitally disrupted, bonds have remained unchanged for decades, with private bank clients unable to access live prices. Bondevalue envisions to use its deep domain expertise to level the playing field for clients via the simplicity and convenience of an app.


Traderwave is a fully web-based stock portfolio and technical analysis web application that helps retail stock traders/investors analyze, discover, track and be alerted to trading ideas. In 2015, Traderwave was accepted into the iJAM startup program by Media Development Authority of Singapore and was also one of the finalists for Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation?s SiTF Award 2015 for the ?Most Innovative Startup? (early-stage) category. Currently, the product is in open beta stage.


Smartly is a Singapore-based robo-advisor. It provides users with a customized, globally diversified investment portfolio of exchange-traded funds based on goals initially stipulated. Users can start investing from just US $50. The company aims to simplify and educate users about investing, and targets millennials from Southeast Asia.


REIDAO is a blockchain based platform that creates digital tokens for real estate properties. It offers unique Token ID (think stock-ticker) for every property that is listed on the platform. The company aims to digitalise the real estate properties ownerships.


ZyFin (formely BluFin) is a finanical information platform that offers economic and financial indices for emerging markets. ZyFin brings both passive and intelligent investment products that provide global investors with cutting-edge emerging markets debt and equity ETF solutions which are easily accessible and cost-effective.


Kristal, powered by O2O Technologies, is an AI-powered, web-based asset management platform. Traders can create investment strategies and share it on the platform. Investors can search for asset managers and view their strategies. The company uses algorithms to recommend investment strategies. The platform offers a consolidated view of all the portfolio investments, historical performance of various accounts, and future portfolio projection based on CAGR, Sharpe ratio, etc.


FYB-SG provides an online bitcoin trading platform.

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Expat Wealth is a division of AAM Advisory Pte Ltd. It provides financial planning and wealth management services for expats in Singapore. The company offers advisory services for estate planning, pensions, personal insurance and savings & investments.

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FX Live Trade Room is an online platform for educating and providing necessary information for forex trading markets to traders, investors, and institutions. The company provides investors with info sessions, live signals, private mentorship programs, and privately managed trading accounts.

FinSentS is a product of InfoTrie Financial Solutions Pte Ltd., an online portal that provides information and analytical insights about financials, stocks, and commodities. It also offers readers to sign up for premium membership for sentiment analysis, news analytics, big data, market data, etc.


Dr Wealth was acquired by BigFatPurse Pte Ltd in June 2016, it is a web-based financial planning platform that aggregates data, monitors users? portfolio performance, analyzes markets, and manages the investment process. The platform allows the users to view and manage their investment portfolio, budget & expenses, insurance coverage, retirement plans on a single platform and optimize their returns.

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Source Central is a web-platform designed specifically for the $100+ Billion per annum institutional real assets industry. Source Central platform can be used to identify investment opportunities, organize underwriting content, and exchange information with Fund Managers.


Spiking is a real-time social trading platform for investors in a stock market. The company provides in-house applications and optimized cloud-based mobile solutions. Spiking helps retail investors to make better investment decisions with greater confidence based on up-to-date market knowledge.


AlgoMerchant revolutionizes the way people invest by providing fully AI-driven solution for stock traders and portfolio managers

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Total Return is an equity crowdfunding platform connecting capital to opportunities. It allows clients to browse and filter through deals that are available on the platform.

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