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We are an early stage venture capital firm focusing on Europe and on South East Asia.
We are thematic investors focusing on technology-enabled innovation bringing about
the transformation of the financial services sector.

Our investments include marketplaces (e.g. deposits, lending, car repairs and legal services),
security (e.g. fraud), online distribution models (e.g. mortgage broking, personal lines insurance
as well as car loans) and software (e.g. SaaS, data management).

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SBI Ven Capital Pte. Ltd. is a leading private equity firm that invests in financial services and technology sectors across Asia. We have a proven track record of partnering with companies and assembling critical resources needed to grow businesses in Asia. Our investment platform combines financial acumen, industry insight and operational expertise to enhance the value of the companies we invest in.


Here at Privé, we provide end-to-end award-winning technology solutions for enterprises and SMEs. Whether it’s a full transformation via Privé’ wealth management in-a-box package or seeking enhancement from one of our innovative modules or APIs, Privé provides you with a range of solutions to meet your requirements.

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Xen is the first-of-its-kind wealth management platform enabling affluent investors access to alternative investments to achieve active returns.

We live in an age where access to the right investments can be a door to wealth and financial security. In Asia, where there has been an unprecedented growth in wealth, the current force of economic influence and power is among the young and affluent, the millennials and XENnials.

Only a fraction of all wealth in Asia is tapped into the wealth management industry and affluents have virtually zero access to the above market returns and performance of alternatives investments.

It is now time to transform an industry traditionally dominated by and designed for HNWIs and institutional investors – and give affluent investors access and liquidity.

Xen provides its clients with:

1) First-of-its-kind access to alternatives – Xen’s platform provides affluent investors access to the Xen Fund of Funds, which invests in top-performing alternative assets including hedge funds, trade finance funds, private equity funds, commodity funds and real estate funds.

2) Innovative liquidity solutions and protection through smart contracts – The use of blockchain technology and tokenization allows for unprecedented liquidity. Xen converts your investment into a digital asset called a Security Token. As an investor, you can trade this asset for liquidity through a regulated exchange (i.e. a secondary market platform.) Through the use of smart contracts, KYC rules and compliance can be enforced.

3) Control and transparency – Xen uses proprietary robo-advisory to customize portfolios to clients’ life goals and risk/reward tolerance. This provides affluent investors a higher level and quality of advice which was previously only available to HNWI and institutional investors.

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Investing in the most promising fintech growth companies in South East Asia (ASEAN) and Hong Kong.
Partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs to create large, sustainable and successful businesses that rapidly increase the efficiency of financial services in the region.
Enabling financial inclusion in the region by improving access to financial services for individuals, SMEs and corporates.


StashAway is South East Asia’s leading digital wealth management platform


CONNECT is Singapore’s first digital advisory platform for Accredited Investors. Based on financial goals which you create, CONNECT will establish if investing in a diversified portfolio is the right strategy for you. If so, it will match you to a CONNECT portfolio tailored to your individual investment needs.

Investing with CONNECT provides you with the benefits of a personalised and diversified portfolio without the hassle and the high fees of traditional providers. We aim to help you visualise and achieve your financial goals and to allocate investments accordingly.


Rublix is building a networking platform where participants can access trusted trading information from verified experts. Our goal is to
help traders enhance their skills, confidence and profitability in any industry that they trade in.


As a Virtual Currency intermediary, we are now operating a Virtual Currency exchange where participants of the exchange may use such a platform to exchange or trade Virtual Currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies widely recognized and accepted by the public or a section of the public.
– Through our exchange, the participants of the exchange can engage in dealing in Virtual Currency defined as buying and selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies widely recognized and accepted by the public or a section of the public.
– Our exchange has its own KYC process that satisfies MT/TF standards as other competitors in this field do.
– We are(or would be) involved in advertising activities related to or using Virtual Currency on behalf of potential clients and while at the same time, we have(or would have) run a variety of promotional campaigns for our user acquisition.
– We can list and operate Virtual Currency directly(or indirectly) which is used in the game service, the game distribution, and the blockchain networks.

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WeInvest is Asia’s first end-to-end Digital Wealth Platform and offers solutions to Banks & other financial institutions. The plug and play online platform is used by Banks to offer more online investment options to their retail customer base and strengthen the proposition for HNIs and Private Banking clientele.


DBS provides the full range of services in consumer, SME and corporate banking activities.

Principled Systems focuses on startup projects with the aim to make everyday financial transactions more efficient, ethical, and equitable.

Stay tuned to find out more on our projects at and


FINESSE is a Singapore-based Fintech Company, focusing on B2B2C Digital Wealth Solutions for Financial Institutions to digitalize their platforms to power their businesses.

Our Product Solutions accommodate a variety of businesses and are tailored to segment-specific client groups.

Finesse Engine builds on existing core Banking system to introduce the Innovative Digital Investment Solutions in retail banking, private banking, family office and asset management firms.

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VI (read as “vee”) is a Singapore-based FinEduTech platform through VI App and VI College.

VI App is a smart stock analysis tool with a social network element, revolving around the needs of a community of Value Investors. VI App crunches traditional financial data and distils information from the stock analysis process into easy-to-use formats to help users invest smarter, faster and easier. The Social Bubble module is also an aggregation of market sentiments and allows effective information flow and exchange between users.

Integrated with the services and programme offerings of VI College, the region’s leading financial education provider*, VI App allows users to keep track of their private financial information, research and filter high-quality investible companies in seconds, construct and monitor investment portfolio while promoting investor education, community-driven knowledge exchange and cultivating independent thinking; all on a platform and available at a single touch.

Invest Smarter. Faster. Easier with VI.

*Sourced from Euromonitor Report based on estimated course revenue receipts of value investing courses in calendar year 2016, research conducted in June – August 2017 in Singapore and in Malaysia.

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OCBC Bank is the longest established Singapore bank, formed in 1932 from the merger of three local banks, the oldest of which was founded in 1912. It is now the second largest financial services group in Southeast Asia by assets and one of the world’s most highly-rated banks, with an Aa1 rating from Moody’s. Recognised for its financial strength and stability, OCBC Bank is consistently ranked among the World’s Top 50 Safest Banks by Global Finance and has been named Best Managed Bank in Singapore by The Asian Banker.

OCBC Bank and its subsidiaries offer a broad array of commercial banking, specialist financial and wealth management services, ranging from consumer, corporate, investment, private and transaction banking to treasury, insurance, asset management and stockbroking services.

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AirBNB for Investment Ideas – The largest and network of Transparent & Savvy Investors.

We are the Simplest and Most Aligned Investment Idea sharing platform globally:

As an Idea Provider, you get to share your insights and validated track record to investors managing billions in AUM in seconds.
#braggingrights #visibility

As an Idea Consumer, you get to see the full track record of the Idea Provider, having the full confidence that the Provider’s incentives are aligned with yours.
#trust #outperformance

Register for Private Beta here:

Funderbeam is introducing tradable private investments to the world.

The platform allows investors to access fast, standardised deals in highly curated companies that can be instantly traded.

Founders can raise funds to fuel their growth from both retail and professional investors in more than 100 countries.


Zipmex is a digital asset exchange that is focused on providing retail and institutional investors the ability to invest securely in cryptocurrencies. In addition to a suite of advanced trading features and charting tools, Zipmex provides access to an OTC market for our clients.

We have strong local investors and advisors such as AEC Securities (TH), InterVentures Asia (SEA), CME Group (Global) , with solid partnerships with established companies such as EOSIOSG, PWC, Deloitte.

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Maybank Group is the leading financial services provider in Malaysia catering to the needs of consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and corporations. The Group, which has expanded internationally, has the largest network among Malaysian banks of over 2,400 branches and offices in 20 countries, employing over 44,000 Maybankers and serving over 22 million customers. It is the only regional bank with a presence in all 10 ASEAN countries (as of November 2016).

By strengthening our core business and franchise, we gain a competitive advantage by achieving synergies across our diverse group. Domestically we aim to achieve leadership across key and profitable segments. Internationally we capture value from new investments and continue to pursue organic expansion by delivering innovation and superior customer value. We are a top recruiter of talent and view our leadership pool and talent pipeline as key to realising our aspirations. We constantly seek to enhance performance management and achieve cost optimisation by focusing on effective IT operations and enhancing employee productivity.

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