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InvestingNote is a financial platform for users to collaborate and trade together with friends. It allows a user to make stock estimations and come out with new investing ideas. It is a crowd stock estimation platform for Singapore and US stock investors.


DXMarkets offers a professional trading platform for digital currencies. It issues Digitally Exchanged (DX) financial instruments through the adoption of Blockchain-based technologies, with an underwriting process which brings investors and issuers together. The platform currently supports Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, Darkcoins, and Jetcoin.


AlgoHybrid is an advanced hedge fund solution that develops neural technologies to recognize patterns in trading conditions and self-learns from past experiences.


Co-Own is a platform for property investment with fractional ownership. It helps to co-own profitable properties with full ownership benefits. The platform provides a range of global properties and claims to provide a minimum annualized gross return of 10%.

Co-Swap (Collateral Swap) is designed as a market trading platform meant for users to exchange collaterals via a swap transaction and for repurchase agreements (Repo). Primary users of this application will be treasury dealers with Banks. Secondary users will be the fund managers with asset management companies, insurers, pension funds, hedge funds, family offices etc. The main objective for using this application is for users to manage their pool of quality assets that financial institutions hold by changing its quantity based on a collateral hierarchy maintained by the users and for Repo, a means to obtain short term funding.


CONNECT is Singapore’s first digital advisory platform for Accredited Investors. Based on financial goals which you create, CONNECT will establish if investing in a diversified portfolio is the right strategy for you. If so, it will match you to a CONNECT portfolio tailored to your individual investment needs.

Investing with CONNECT provides you with the benefits of a personalised and diversified portfolio without the hassle and the high fees of traditional providers. We aim to help you visualise and achieve your financial goals and to allocate investments accordingly.

Principled Systems focuses on startup projects with the aim to make everyday financial transactions more efficient, ethical, and equitable.

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AirBNB for Investment Ideas – The largest and network of Transparent & Savvy Investors.

We are the Simplest and Most Aligned Investment Idea sharing platform globally:

As an Idea Provider, you get to share your insights and validated track record to investors managing billions in AUM in seconds.
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As an Idea Consumer, you get to see the full track record of the Idea Provider, having the full confidence that the Provider’s incentives are aligned with yours.
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Quantifeed’s automated investment platform allows financial institutions to offer advisors and customers a digital wealth management experience under their own brand. Quantifeed’s software and financial models provide banks, brokers, wealth planners and insurance companies with a configurable solution to suit their wealth management objectives. Firms can reach hundreds of thousands of consumers quickly and economically. The platform hosts portfolios of stocks, funds and other asset classes across all major global markets. Investing solutions can be based on risk assessment, life goals and thematic ideas. Quantifeed offers a library of portfolios for asset allocation, thematic investments and other trading strategies.

The company was founded by former investment banking executives Alex Ypsilanti, CEO, and Ross Milward, CTO, in Hong Kong in 2013.


Finamatrix won the Best AI Technology Firm 2018 Award from UK’s AI Global Media.

Finamatrix provides investment technology services to Family Offices, etc.

Since 2006, Finamatrix is Risk-Cybernetics™

Finamatrix AI + AI Aggregator (Cybernetics & Intelligent Crowdsourcing) : Empowering millions of people for financial greatness (via network rewards + bonuses).

Finamatrix AI is Decentralized AI. Empowering millions of people around the world with AI access and Super Asset Portfolios.

Integrating Blockchain with AI for seamless execution.

AI selection of mispriced assets for arbitrage opportunities, etc.

Buy Finamatrix. 
Access AI & Super Assets. 
Gain value+bonus*. 
Sell in exchanges or redeem* for cash. 
*conditions apply.


Jachin Capital is a local independent fund manager with an intuitively easy-to-use digital investing platform, iAdvisor®.

In June 2015 we successfully bought a portfolio of 14 SGX-listed REITS on iAdvisor®.

iAdvisor® currently boasts 28 portfolios of publicly-listed local and global securities that clients can invest in to manage and build their wealth.

The Capital Markets Services Licence issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in April 2017 builds on Jachin Capital’s track record as the company is now able to offer fund management services to all accredited investors. Jachin Capital offers investment management solutions on a discretionary and non- discretionary basis to accredited investors and private family offices based in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.


Blockchain protocol for digital insurance, enabling new digital insurance services for IoT and smart devices.


Maecenas is the first blockchain company that leverages distributed ledger technology to create a new market place for fine art. It will enable the investors and collectors to trade shares in fine art over an online marketplace. Maecenas aims at democratizing fine art ownership by converting the expensive and illiquid artworks into smaller and liquid tradable financial units which can be traded by art investors, owners, and collectors.


Setscope is an AI-powered stock research and portfolio management platform. It provides a daily analysis of the entire stock market to deliver the best quality stocks that beat the market.


Asset Algo is an investment platform offering money management and wealth management tools for wealth managers, banks and brokerages. The money manager tool offers strategies that have low correlation to the overall market and dynamic capital allocation through the use of AI. The wealth management tool offers risk analysis, trade replication and a FIFO based matching engine.


Eigencat is a digital investment management platform that uses quantitative tools to create and manage multi asset portfolios for Private Banks, Family Offices, Robo Advisory and Fund Managers. It offers a combination of sophisticated analytics and innovative visualization, and real-time monitoring of risk limits.


WatStock is an App based trading platform that uses AI technology to analyses, forecasts, and offers its findings about the stock market to the general public. It employs artificial intelligence and extreme learning machines to predict the stock market behavior for up to 10 days. Watstock has partnered with IBM Watson and uses their neural network to predict the market.


Finquest is a platform delivering personalised connections to its clients in the Asian mid-market M&A and direct investment space. With a database of 1.4 million organisations (Institutional Investors, M&A Advisors and Mid-sized Companies), machine learning, and a team of experts, Finquest makes targeted, curated, and actionable connections for its clients while maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

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Miss Kaya is a part of Marvelstone Capita, a digital financial services provider for women in Asia focused on financial budgeting and portfolio management. The company offers robo advisory platform that allows high net worth investors to create own profile and builds an unique portfolio to reach their long-term financial goals. It also offers budgeting tools such as an e-wallet with a Miss Kaya debit card, which the company claims will help women transact seamlessly and remain financially responsible.It aims to simplify and demystify financial planning and wealth management for women and also serve as an all-in-one tool for budgeting, payments, and investing.


HelloGold enables people to buy gold via their Android mobile devices. Users first need to register for an account. Next, they would need to “top up” their account with cash, which can be done via a bank transfer. With the money, account holders can then use the funds to buy gold ? all at one go, or in stages. Sales transaction are also enabled.

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