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We are a FinTech investment platform focused on the best alternative lending opportunities in the SEA and India. We connect institutional capital to alternative lending investments through best practices of value investing, traditional credit analysis and data driven analytics.

Large segments of population in emerging Asia lack access to easy and timely credit facilities. FinTech firms addressing this under served market often lack adequate capital, limiting their scale. On the other hand, global institutional investors struggle to access this emerging asset class owing to the fragmented nature of the industry and high cost of underwriting.

At Lend East, we work with our platform partners to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses avail credit. We bring together deep expertise in credit, structuring and technology to help these platforms gain access to affordable capital while ensuring superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.


Planner Bee is bridging the gap in digital financial services, bringing financial advisory digital.


CriAT is a NUS spin-off fintech company providing new-generation credit analytics. We promote the “DEEP” in credit risk management – deep in technologies, deep in applications. Our proprietary, superior solutions are powered by cutting-edge credit analytical technologies and augmented by in-depth domain knowledge. We help clients advance credit risk management and embrace the data & analytics driven future.


We develop value adding solutions such as Solis – holistic AML/KYC platform



Enterprises looking to conduct a cost-effective private offering and wanting global access to investors; venture capitalists and fund managers wishing to have improved liquidity of illiquid assets; real estate owners seeking to allow fractional ownership to investors, increasing asset-liquidity while creating investment opportunities.

We understand your challenges and encourage you to look beyond traditional formats. Digital securities is a game changer for the capital market and we have just the perfect solution for you. Embark on the new era of capital raising and investments with issuance facilitation, custodian implementation and lifecycle management in a secure and efficient manner. Together with our network of partners, our solution offers greater opportunity, and liquidity to both investors and issuers.


RADICALI is a regulatory technology firm that helps compliance professionals with regulatory change


Nium offers 3 lines of businesses – Cross Border Payments (“Send”); Card Issuance and Processing Platform (“Spend”); Collection Platform and Multicurrency Virtual Accounts (“Receive”)


Contour builds open trade finance network collaborate blockchain technology with Banks & Corporates


GreenArc Capital is an Impact Credit Platform that connects institutional investors to sustainable credit opportunities with market returns in emerging markets with a focus on social inclusion.


We are the global leader in Augmented Identity for an increasingly digital world And this is no smal


RisikoTek is a reg tech AML data analytics intelligence company


The mission of GrabInvest is to give EVERYONE access to SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT, and AFFORDABLE investment solutions.


Flag One is a software company that aggregates data relating to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


imple2Trade is a SaaS platform that helps capital markets industry players

logoblackpand20200409085823.png means clever in the Malay language. As our name suggests, specializes in developing smart AI-chatbots for the finance industry that helps with
– accelerating leads generation
– automating customer service
– boosting sales productivity

Founded in Singapore in 2016, is privileged to be currently serving Fortune 500 financial institutions including Schroders, Allianz, Great Eastern Tokio Marine Insurance, East Spring and others to launch many first-of-its-kind industry and award-winning chatbots across Asia. technology focuses on the understanding of natural languages in SEA including shorthand texting, local slangs and financial nuances. To stay ahead in this very competitive space, does so by continuously improving on the proprietary AI/ machine learning technology- Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine by combining the commercialisation of latest academic research and innovation of engineering capabilities. For example, last year, was one of the first in the region to deploy the cutting-edge Transfer-Learning based NLP chatbots commercially with our client, Great Eastern Life Insurance, that promises to cut error rate for intent classification, an important parameter to measure the model’s accuracy by 25%.

Complimenting the AI technology for an effective digital engagement are other engineering capabilities such as:
-Multi-Lingual AI (English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and soon, Thai)
-Multi-Platform (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Line, Web WIdget)
-Contextual Memory
-Multi-parameter search
-Bot to Bot ecosystem
-Real-time data visualisation

Awards and recognitions garnered by include:
– Top 50 InsurTech Leaders, Asia/ Pacific 2020 by International Data Corporation (IDC)
– SIngapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2019, Top 40 fintech finalist by Monetary Authority of SIngapore (MAS)
– Most Scalable Collaboration 2018 by Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)


We are established as a payment company specialized in digital payment and IoP in Singapore

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