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Wallet Engine provides eMoney Wallets as a Service to App based communities.

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At LenddoEFL, our vision is to provide life-changing financial products to more than one billion underserved individuals around the world. We believe that financial inclusion isn’t simply about access to financial products, but about access to fast, affordable, and convenient financial products. And we believe in empowering people to use their their digital profiles and personality traits to increase their financial options.

We offer leading alternative credit scoring, identity verification and insights products to financial institutions in more than 20 emerging markets. To date, LenddoEFL has allowed more than 50 financial institutions to run over 6 million assessments for people with limited information, allowing them to disburse over $2 billion USD in credit. We are already changing the world, but we are just getting started.


BioCatch is the leader in behavioral biometrics, analyzing human-device interactions to combat fraud

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Sherpa Funds Technology (SFT) provides Optimal Risk Sizing (ORS) which links investors to portfolio managers. As usage of the product increases, the analytics identifies similar-minded investors and managers to link in risk-equivalent communities.


Kryptos-X is a cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin trading platform.


RADICALI is a regulatory technology firm that helps compliance professionals with regulatory change


Flowcast provides an enterprise-grade AI solution to banks in automating and improving credit decisions and monitoring.


Liquid Group is a regional mobile payment services group headquartered in Singapore, with a presence in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In partnership with regional payment operators, Liquid Group is building a regional payment acceptance network to enable local and cross-border QR payment acceptance services for e-wallets operators, banks and merchants.


MPayment provides integrated and automated electronic payment and collection services


Contour builds open trade finance network collaborate blockchain technology with Banks & Corporates


GreenArc Capital is an Impact Credit Platform that connects institutional investors to sustainable credit opportunities with market returns in emerging markets with a focus on social inclusion.

Builds on blockchain model and incorporates traditional lending to create a time-efficient system


StashAway is South East Asia’s leading digital wealth management platform


Flag One is a software company that aggregates data relating to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


imple2Trade is a SaaS platform that helps capital markets industry players

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Founded while Vietnam was experiencing tremendous growth in both social and economic arena, when Singapore has become the largest foreign investor in the country, REGULUS aims to be a constant companion to the investors in both nations on the road to prosperity.

We are the trusted partner and advisor to many influential businesses and institutions in both Vietnam and Singapore.

People at REGULUS bound by a shared set of strong values and a culture of trust, respect, caring, support and interdependence.

We have assembled an experienced team of industry leaders who live the market place, understand the customers, and what it takes to operate a successful investment & consultancy company.

We believe Values are fundamental to leading and these are ours..

Create Growth
Think Sustainable
Respect for People
Take Responsibility
Deliver Lasting Customer Value


MG Network: leading value transfer layer for ETH/ERC20 tokens. 1st production-grade layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution which allows fast, cheap and secure (as Ethereum) movement of digital assets.


Beep is on a mission to power mobile payments and data-driven optimizations in underserved physical


SamTech Intelligence builds AI-powered early warning systems on Corporate Credit risk

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