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For CA/CPA and Company Secretary, Acumen is a comprehensive collaboration platform for providing services and compliance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and other clients. Through the use of smart data solutions, Acumen allows CAs/CPAs and Company Secretaries to create and facilitate business growth and strategic management decisions through the use of smart data solutions, for their clients (MSMEs and others).

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We are a Fintech co that provide customized solution for corporate clients and retail market in the SEA region


Blockchain protocol for digital insurance, enabling new digital insurance services for IoT and smart devices.


Global Platform for Shared Data driven enabled by Blockchain, AI & ML


Algo Cipher Limited is a blockchain technology company registered in Hong Kong.
Based on the current blockchain encryption technology, provides customers with blockchain development technology. Algo Cipher Distributed Exchange ( ACDEX) established and started operations .As one of the world’s top digital asset exchange, ACDEX platform gather a large number of blockchain investors at domestic and international.
We have excellent technical team and consultant group provide good advices in business model analysis and investment trends for customers. Assist the entrepreneurial team interested in the blockchain, give technical guidance and integrated services. Regarding technology research and development, Algo Cipher Limited focuses on information node docking (API serial connection), system security program development, blockchain smart contract writing and so on .


In April 2015, ALR Technologies Pte Ltd started with an aim to provide IT solutions that the business consumers need. At ALR Technologies, we talk, discuss, brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas of creating avant-garde Blockchain and Fintech concepts and converting them into real world Business solutions that will allow us to prove our skill set and potential to make an impact in the Fintech industry. Our team of blockchain experts are helping entrepreneurs and individuals alike to create new Blockchain applications and consult on crypto currency related concepts such as cryptocurrency exchange, based on extensive use of cryptographic identification and cryptographic hashing.

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RockX is a top Asian staking provider for leading public blockchains


GSG Pathfinder is a digital asset managed account platform aimed at HNW investors. Pathfinder integrates the best-in-class fintech innovations across trading, operations, compliance and accounting

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Anquan Capital provides distributed ledger and trusted computing platforms for financial markets. The Anquan platforms feature a highly scalable consensus protocol that delivers consistent transaction throughout. Anquan Capital is fostering collaboration between market participants through the use of computing technology platforms and is currently working with financial institutions in fund management, investment banking, transaction banking, and securities exchanges.

AQ Group is a private company who is promoting blockchain in dusty in Kazakhstan.

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ARYZE Digital Cash is a range of cryptographically secure, stablecoins linked to the value of an underlying national currency. ARYZE is digitizing actual cash, keeping underlying funds safe in the central banks that initially issued them. Unlike an IOU issued by a bank, ARYZE Digital Cash is fully backed, globally transferable and programmable. Using Distributed Ledger Technology, we will make sending real money as simple as sending an email


Atato is a Blockchain Service Provider for enterprise.


Building banking, credit, data, and financial infrastructure for consumers and SMBs in India and SEA


Attores is a distributed app platform which provides Blockchain Smart Contracts as a Service. Smart contracts are computer protocols that enforce the terms or performances of a given financial agreement.


Azzilon is about investments in the way processors are about computers.

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Bandboo is an insurance technology platform which enables users to form digital communities to obtain insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost. We provide Insurance as a form of service, charging a nominal membership for users to join, ownership of premiums are given back to users with what is not utilised at the end of the membership term rebated back to users, making this Insurance at the lowest possible cost.


We are a Singapore based cyber security product company since 2012. Our flagship product, WebOrion, is developed internally and has helped many organizations across Asia Pacific and Australia to protect their websites against DDOS and data breaches. We are in the midst of starting new blockchain projects and glad to be part of the Fintech ecosystem


BBLAB is an IT vendor based in Singapore where it is widely recognized as No.1 in Fintech Asia. Our team comprise of high caliber and diligent engineers from all over the world, we are the provider for a one-stop leading edge technology. We are able to develop a system which is fully bespoke at a price of your comfort level.

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