Blockchain & DLT


Uniramp is a fiat-to-token infrastructure provider.

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Metacamp is a leading Web3 & Blockchain community and education provider in Singapore


FNS (M) Sdn Bhd a wholly owned subsidiary of FNS Value Co. Ltd, Korea.


Millennia Ventures PL advises on digital asset partnership and investment opportunities.


Cumberland Labs is a global incubator focused on blockchain and web3


XinFin is a Singapore based blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance across the globe. XinFin’s XDC protocol is a hybrid blockchain that allows peer-to-peer contracts over regulated payment rails or using XDC tokens in approved jurisdictions. With an aim to bridge the global infrastructural deficit with their open source marketplace platform – Tradefinex, XinFin enables financial institutions with tools to undertake peer-to-peer financial contracts between governments, corporations, buyers, and suppliers. This helps in the efficient use of capital and deployment of projects without burdening the government treasury.

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We are a blockchain advisory and investment firm headquartered in Singapore.


EMURGO is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain.


BelugaFins is a rewards program for business owners. Members get FINS crypto token.


Arbitas is a leading software technology company that develops software and web systems for banks

Blockchain Development and Services Company


YieldTopia is the first sustainable yield protocol in DeFi that’s 100% decentralized and backed.


Lysto aims to take NFTs to the next billions of users through millions of use cases they are familiar with via thousands of platforms they currently use.


DS Legends Pte Ltd (DSL) is the developer of Web3 applications with its own stable coin, 2 exchanges with partners and multiple NFT platforms.

What is DSL trying to solve?

The Problem

Every year personal information of website users are stolen and sold illegally. Data provided by the users are unsafe in centralised servers. In some countries, there is a hefty fine if you fail to keep the data secure.

Our Solution 

We don’t save your data in a centralised or decentralised server as it is. Only a hash of the data is saved in the blockchain. Only Authorised users can decrypt the hash with the help of smart contract. We can build for you, Your Own Ecosystem.

Own Ecosystem consists of two parts:

  1. Management of users data using 256 bit encryption and blockchain.
  2. Own payment gateway which allows immediate payment with digital payment tokens.

What can DSL do for you?

  1. DApps Development
  2. Smart Contract Development
  3. Smart Contract Audit
  4. Data Security

Why hire DSL for your Web3 projects?

  1. Certified Fintech Company
  2. 24 hours development team
  3. Great Support Team
  4. Many Case Studies to explore

Goals for DSL

  1. Sell 10% of DSL shares to raise SGD 1,000,000
  2. Raise SGD 200 million by ICO
  3. SPAC Deal
  4. Listing of DSL

To find out how Web3 can be used, please visit

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With the vision of “making smiles bloom on people all over the world,” the company was launched with the aim of building a “community platform” to support the “new community” and “new economic zone (X-Fi economic zone)” that WEB3 is pioneering.
The company operates a game guild business, X-Fi business, IP business, influencer marketing business, and media business.
Through its official sponsorship of the Sint-Truiden VV professional soccer team, the company also supports children around the world in realizing their dreams.


A Web3 travel platform that facilitates discovery, shopping, and booking of travel and vacations.


SafeGold is the largest digital gold platform in Asia with 20M+ users, now launching in Singapore.


WE Chain is the 1st blockchain enabled automated claim platform for financial services in ASEAN.

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Mars Panda is an all-in-one aggregation blockchain platform built on Binance Smart chain that allows users to:

  • Gain access to a wide ecosystem of games, NFTs, lifestyle, and more seamlessly on one unified platform

  • Use digital wallets such as UnionPay, Visa, and MasterCard to buy Mars Panda Credit (MPC)

  • Exchange game credits for tokens to purchase cryptocurrencies through Mars Panda’s sister company

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