Blockchain & DLT


ti&m Pte Ltd is a Swiss Digital Pioneer & we provide seamless OmniChannel capability to our clients

Builds on blockchain model and incorporates traditional lending to create a time-efficient system


Secured Staking Made Easy. Put Your Crypto to Work – Hassle Free.

HashKey Digital Asset Group – International blockchain technology innovation unit affiliated with Wanxiang


Gorilla is a full-suite of mobile communication product and services.


Infinito Solutions makes crypto finance opportunities accessible and beneficial for the masses to enjoy.


A blockchain based digital asset exchange, launched on ethereum blockchain..


FINTECHFORCE helps businesses safeguard vulnerable areas of financial databases, prevent breaches

We accelerate the digital-transformation of financial institutions.


Sygnum is a digital asset technology group regulated and licensed in Singapore and Switzerland.


We’re committed to delivering a scalable and secure platform for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralised applications.


A digital platform company focusing on developing the next generation of business applications


A Quantitative fund management company powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain


Switcheo builds decentralized platforms that break new ground, bringing you finance without limits. Whether you’re a battle-weary trader or are just making your first purchase, there’s nothing cryptic about crypto on Switcheo. Leading the pack with multiple world firsts, your time spent with Switcheo will be a worthwhile investment.



Enterprises looking to conduct a cost-effective private offering and wanting global access to investors; venture capitalists and fund managers wishing to have improved liquidity of illiquid assets; real estate owners seeking to allow fractional ownership to investors, increasing asset-liquidity while creating investment opportunities.

We understand your challenges and encourage you to look beyond traditional formats. Digital securities is a game changer for the capital market and we have just the perfect solution for you. Embark on the new era of capital raising and investments with issuance facilitation, custodian implementation and lifecycle management in a secure and efficient manner. Together with our network of partners, our solution offers greater opportunity, and liquidity to both investors and issuers.


DEA is a blockchain-based multimedia digital entertainment platform featuring digital arts and manga


Sanctions compliance screening and vessel monitoring solutions for maritime regulatory, operational and trade.


Upbit Singapore is powered by Upbit,the global top exchange with world-class blockchain technology, regulatory expertise and operational know-how.


Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC), supported by Enterprise Singapore, is a joint venture between ZALL SMARTCOMM (ZALL, a leading B2B platform in China), Global eTrade Services (GeTS, a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic, a leading provider of eGovernment products and services), and Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) to create an interoperable global commodites trading platform.

CIC offers an integrated suite of services including trade matching, customs declaration and clearance, supply chain logistics, trade finance, supply chain finance, global trade compliance services as well as index and trade data services to realize the digitization of commodity trading. Specialized in non-ferrous & ferrous metal, chemicals & plastics, agriculture products and oil, CIC is expanding the range of commodities traded and offers a global one-stop trading platform empowered by blockchain technology with applications in areas, such as global trade, logistics, and financial transactions.

As Singapore’s first B2B e-trading platform that embraces blockchain technology to facilitate secure and compliant trade, CIC aspires to “Enable Trade Easy” through modern supply chain, Such as warehousing, logistics, finance and cross-border services to help companies reduce their transaction costs and create greater trading synergies globally. As of April 2019, CIC has achieved a turnover of more than US$3.7bn, with over 4,200 registered users covering markets including China, Switzerland, Australia, India, Malaysia, and other countries within Asia. With seamless connectivity and circulation of goods throughout the world, CIC shall become the game-changing platform for Singapore’s commodity trading community.

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