Big Data & Analytics


Solve Advisors is a provider of fixed income pricing data, analytics & technology solutions.

Reducing risk and costs in the remdediation process by minimising false negatives and positives

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Actelligent is a fintech company that applies a differentiated Thematics + Factors hybrid approach to help investors ‘act intelligently’ in every stage of the investment process.


Financial inclusion FinTech with data-driven risk management and digital payment solutions.


Econteric is an economics analysis and financial data platform to research and understand the DeFi ecosystem. The goal is to give you, investors, a god-like view of the market by making sense of the (sometimes complex) economic design of tokens. As a side effect, this will help you making better financial decisions by understanding the rules of the game.


SaaS-based commodity market intelligence & risk management services

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Development of software to promote transparency in corporate accounting


We are an enterprise Software Development Company offering digital transformation solutions to companies who wish to grow and prosper in recent times. We are committed to delivering cutting-edge innovation. We provide Digital Transformation solutions for organizations across scale and broad industry verticals. As pioneers in delivering digital transformation services, we follow a well-defined, robust process that helps us provide quick, efficient, and quality solutions.

From tailoring digital strategies as the best digital transformation solutions to adjusting them to business goals, we work on the entirety of becoming a Digital First entity. We do this through our specialized delivery expertise around Product Engineering, Data & Analytics, DevOps, Cloud Implementation, and Enterprise Application advancement.


Choco Up is a global technology and financial services platform, offering revenue-based financing and business growth solutions for digital merchants and startups.

With data analytics and machine learning at its core, Choco Up employs vast integrations to automate fund deployment, providing fast-growing companies with zero-equity funding in a quick and seamless manner.

We currently have offices in Singapore and Hong Kong and serve businesses worldwide, providing smart-growth analytics and global payment solutions to fuel their growth.


EACIIT BFSI products have helped its clients enhance customer digital experience, data analytics capabilities and automate core business processes to increase adoption collaboration and effectiveness.


CreditSights empowers nearly 15,000 financial professionals among the world’s largest institutions with the credit-risk tools, independent research and comprehensive market insights they need to make well-informed credit-risk decisions. Setting the standard for global credit research since 2000, CreditSights provides timely data, news, recommendations and unbiased analysis of the investment-grade and high-yield debt securities of 1,200 issuers around the world. CreditSights deliver this content through innovative platforms, enabling market participants to know more, risk better and ultimately create value.


KewMann helps organisations to predict and influence human behaviors


Building banking, credit, data, and financial infrastructure for consumers and SMBs in India and SEA


A fintech-enabled B2B marketplace for technology and creative services

We offer bespoke analysis of currency, equity, bond and commodity markets for clients.


China Knowledge offers AI and NPL driven analytic and research to global fund managers and investors

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Unscrambl simplifies the complex & manual process of turning data into actionable insights.


Develops & implements quantitative methods for investment managers & private banks using big data


Founded in 1997, Pythian is a global IT services company that helps organizations transform how they compete and win by enabling their clients to turn data into valuable insights, predictions and products. From cloud automation to machine learning, Pythian designs, implements and supports customized solutions to the toughest data challenges using a unique virtual team approach to drive better outcomes by providing the right skills and automation at the right moment for the right duration.

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