Squirro is a provider of Augmented Intelligence software for search, text analytics and insights.


CeeSuite is a business intelligence platform designed to empower business leaders


We teach machines to understand complicated financial statements


Building banking, credit, data, and financial infrastructure for consumers and SMBs in India and SEA

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TEXCENT is a leading innovator in the financial technology space. Texcent offers a complete ecosystem in Payments and Fintech through Core Banking Solutions, Software Development, Business Applications, Information Security and IT Support.

Texcent provides an unparalleled experience in the Payments Eco-sphere. Our vision lies in providing case of payments and other financial services to the users and businesses alike.


Funded by ESG, AI platform for sourcing full time-short term, part time, interim domain experts


We deliver the most advanced Enterprise #RPA Platform, built for business and IT. As you strive to benefit in the Automation First Era, your digital transformation accelerates here. Our technology is used by thousands of companies particularly in document management, contact centre, healthcare, finance and accounting, human resources, and supply chains and to address major technical challenges, including data extraction and migration, process automation, application integration and business process outsourcing.


AI-based SaaS transaction monitoring solution

AI dedicated ecosystem with AI & Fintech, AI & Web 3 as one of the key sectors.


Applying technology and innovation in to the commodities markets.


U-Reg is a Singapore-based RegTech. The U-Reg platform automates regulatory, reporting, and other compliance workflows, including onboarding and ESG reporting. Businesses manage data, collaborate and report simply, efficiently, and with confidence. U-Reg supports seamless data gathering, intelligent and configurable data processing, and publishing capability that allow for multi-party collaboration with strong access control and audits. It is an integrated platform with two applications at its core: Doc-Vault, a secure digital repository facilitating multi-party document collaboration, and Doc-Gen, an intelligent data management and publishing application automating reporting and disclosures. Doc-Vault and Doc-Gen power various modules, including onboarding, KYC, reporting, staff compliance and ESG.


Nifi Information Services PTE Limited is a company registered in Singapore and specialised in providing solutions for technology insights, market data processing and advisory services in the investment space.

finChart robo-sniper predicts major moves in financial markets with precision using AI & big data


Artificial Intelligence Satellite data analysis for Sustainable AgFinance

Cashwagon is a dynamic IT solution and fintech services provider lead by the team of international industry professionals with significant experience in FinTech, Banking and IT.

Based out of Singapore, Cashwagon has a portfolio of active projects in 5 markets in Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia) with more than 100 people in the team. The company provides digital solutions and services to clients in various sectors of finance and e-commerce, using AI and Big Data expertise and resources in creating, developing and maintaining fintech products and solutions to facilitate financial inclusion.

Apart from being a technology provider, the company is actively involved in researching regional ecosystems and fintech markets and strives to be an active player in the community building partnerships and sharing knowledge and expertise.

We build scalable and agile software to meet your logistics and transportation needs.

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WealthtreeSG Pte. Ltd.(TrustVerse) is a blockchain business solution and financial AI company. Headquartered in Singapore and R&D lab in Seoul. TrustVerse offers the world’s 1st digital asset management solutions. Smart contract design Dapp(Decentralized App) for digital asset inheritance and legacy planning, multi-purpose digital payment & storage wallet, and portfolio design for crypto and traditional asset class. TrustVerse focuses on digital wealth management for family office, insurance companies, and the financial sector.


MioTech uses artificial intelligence to solve the sustainability, climate change, carbon emissions reduction, and social responsibility challenges faced by financial institutions, corporations, governments and individuals.

Financial investment company specializing in Fintech and Biotech

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