logoblackpand20200409085823.png means clever in the Malay language. As our name suggests, specializes in developing smart AI-chatbots for the finance industry that helps with
– accelerating leads generation
– automating customer service
– boosting sales productivity

Founded in Singapore in 2016, is privileged to be currently serving Fortune 500 financial institutions including Schroders, Allianz, Great Eastern Tokio Marine Insurance, East Spring and others to launch many first-of-its-kind industry and award-winning chatbots across Asia. technology focuses on the understanding of natural languages in SEA including shorthand texting, local slangs and financial nuances. To stay ahead in this very competitive space, does so by continuously improving on the proprietary AI/ machine learning technology- Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine by combining the commercialisation of latest academic research and innovation of engineering capabilities. For example, last year, was one of the first in the region to deploy the cutting-edge Transfer-Learning based NLP chatbots commercially with our client, Great Eastern Life Insurance, that promises to cut error rate for intent classification, an important parameter to measure the model’s accuracy by 25%.

Complimenting the AI technology for an effective digital engagement are other engineering capabilities such as:
-Multi-Lingual AI (English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and soon, Thai)
-Multi-Platform (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Line, Web WIdget)
-Contextual Memory
-Multi-parameter search
-Bot to Bot ecosystem
-Real-time data visualisation

Awards and recognitions garnered by include:
– Top 50 InsurTech Leaders, Asia/ Pacific 2020 by International Data Corporation (IDC)
– SIngapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2019, Top 40 fintech finalist by Monetary Authority of SIngapore (MAS)
– Most Scalable Collaboration 2018 by Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)


SamTech Intelligence builds AI-powered early warning systems on Corporate Credit risk


A young and passionate technology company creating world class products in Financial services


PropertyQuants was founded by a team of PhD ex-quant traders with a track record of successfully deploying automated trading models in global financial markets.

We’re bringing the quantitative revolution to real estate investing. Property investing today is often based on incomplete and inadequate information. Analysis, forecasts, and decisions are not rigorously produced, and are sometimes driven by emotion, untested assumptions, and rules of thumb. Portfolio considerations in real estate are often ignored.

We work to improve real estate decision making. It can and should be evidence-based, data-driven, and systematic instead. We are leading the way forward by applying quantitative finance and data science methods to global real estate, helping investors beat the market.


ACTICO provides software solutions and technologies for the management of operational decisions in the digital world. We support banks, insurance companies and financial service providers with the implementation of systems for the operative management of decisions.


Yuñ ESG is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions


Huawei International Pte. Ltd. provides ICT infrastructure and smart devices solutions.


IT services provider including AI Outsourcing, Software Outsourcing, and IT Security.


We are a FinTech investment platform focused on the best alternative lending opportunities in the SEA and India. We connect institutional capital to alternative lending investments through best practices of value investing, traditional credit analysis and data driven analytics.

Large segments of population in emerging Asia lack access to easy and timely credit facilities. FinTech firms addressing this under served market often lack adequate capital, limiting their scale. On the other hand, global institutional investors struggle to access this emerging asset class owing to the fragmented nature of the industry and high cost of underwriting.

At Lend East, we work with our platform partners to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses avail credit. We bring together deep expertise in credit, structuring and technology to help these platforms gain access to affordable capital while ensuring superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.

Normn.jpg, founded in 2019, with a vision to empower financial advisors


Crayon Data engages in the process of building a business & technology platform that democratizes the use of big data for the average business and the consumer. It offers Simpler Choices Engine to help consumers and businesses make better-informed and smarter decisions to go from providing more choice to fewer choices; and One Drop Analytics to boost B2B sales and marketing intelligence & demand generation by providing integrated insights on companies and markets.

ablr primary logo (white).png

Credit as a Service platform that streamlines and optimizes payment and credit for businesses


Through the use of proprietary algorithms, statistical machine learning models the company provides technology solutions for the online lending and personal finance industries.


A B2B FinTech building shared platforms that deliver cost, process and information efficiencies to primary debt markets.


A fintech-enabled B2B marketplace for technology and creative services


We are a technology-enabled consultancy, with the main focus on robotic process automation (RPA). We build software robots that can mimic human actions, to control computers and complete jobs traditionally done by white-collar works. It can also be called “long tail automation”​.

Our core product, Gleematic, is robotic software to help you automate manual business processes – especially the repetitive ones – so that you can free yourself and your colleagues to do more value-added work. Software robots are flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones.

>> Examples of tasks that RPA can help with:
– “Copy and Paste” into various systems
– Data entry and compilation
– Survey result collation
– Performing system checks
– Finance transaction (e.g. invoice/ purchase order) recording
– Web scraping (visiting and extracting data from multiple websites)
– Other repetitive and/or rule-based tasks


Experts in Online Insurance Distribution and Insurance Management for Startups, SMEs, and Large Organisations

sentient-logo-rgb-portrait20210216120342.jpg provides Artificial intelligence services via application programming interfaces (APIs).


Staple offers cognitive technology that can read, interpret and extract data from financial documents faster, more affordably and more precisely than any human can, at scale and in any language.

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