Onboard Research is developing an innovative scalable platform for financial modeling and trading


Rich Data Corporation is a Singapore-based Fintech providing intelligent credit scoring and decisioning capabilities through a single Intelligent Cloud (IC) platform, with a proven ability to deliver enterprise-grade products at speed and scale.

Using unique learnings from over seven years’ R&D into consumer behaviour through social media, Rich Data Corporation specializes in combining human expertise, alternative data, and Artificial Intelligence to profile and credit score both consumers and small businesses.


Aboitiz Data Innovation (ADI) is the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence arm of Aboitiz Group.


Treasury training and advisory firm specialised in bespoke simulation and gamification tools.


We are a fast-growing information technology venture and an early adopter of blockchain technology in Malaysia.
We develop products and solutions for enterprises and the public sector to be highly transparent, inclusive and efficient.


Seventh Sense is an AI startup based in Singapore that specialises in computer vision for defense, security, surveillance & retail markets.


IN-D KYC is an intelligent data capture solution for Digital Onboarding, Automating Credit Checks and Client Verification


Trade finance solutions provider that empowers digitalized documents in global trade transactions.


Bizbaz creates and offers intelligent financial solutions for Asian businesses and consumers, including a comprehensive financial health profiling/scoring for financial institutions and telcos as well as financial product recommendation engines

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BasisAI is a Singapore headquartered technology company with a world-class, experienced team of AI leaders and practitioners. Through deep technical approaches to implementing and maintaining performant AI systems combined with best practice governance, BasisAI enables enterprises to deploy AI responsibly at scale, giving real-world impact from machine learning and a path to sustained competitive edge.
Leveraging their proprietary platform Bedrock, BasisAI transforms data-driven enterprises with bespoke, augmented intelligence software, with a core focus on building well-governed, trustworthy AI systems. Bedrock is an end-to-end machine learning platform that orchestrates the prototype to production cycle in minutes, not months. Drawing upon machine learning operations (MLOps) practices, Bedrock enables enterprises to achieve explainability, maintainability, and auditability – automatically in-built into the systems they deploy.


Intain is a research-based technology organization founded by Financial Services business and technology veterans. Intain’s teams are based out of India, Singapore and USA. Intain is backed by Hamon Investment Group of Hong Kong and Blockseed Ventures. Intain has two products IN-D and eMulya.

About IN-D – IN-D combines Digitisation and Decisioning using AI, first by turning documents into data and then making sense out of it. Whether you are doing a KYC check or checking the income proof of a borrower or onboarding an employee, IN-D does it for you in seconds and without errors.

About eMulya – eMulya is the Blockchain platform for loan securitization, that utilizes AI to onboard authenticated loan and asset data to the platform and allows originators, services, issuers, investors and rating agencies to manage the whole securitization lifecycle with complete trust and transparency


Econteric is an economics analysis and financial data platform to research and understand the DeFi ecosystem. The goal is to give you, investors, a god-like view of the market by making sense of the (sometimes complex) economic design of tokens. As a side effect, this will help you making better financial decisions by understanding the rules of the game.


Fencore is the next generation enterprise data management platform designed to make data management easy for financial institutions. Complex tasks are transformed into simple powerful features.


Quark International Holdings is one of Asia’s fastest growing FinTech-driven company.


GreenArc Capital is an Impact Credit Platform that connects institutional investors to sustainable credit opportunities with market returns in emerging markets with a focus on social inclusion.


CeeSuite is a business intelligence platform designed to empower business leaders

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In Advance, we use Artificial Intelligence to disrupt and transform businesses for a better delivery of information, products and services.


BlueFire AI delivers revenue generating Signals for the Capital Markets Industry

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