RisikoTek is a reg tech AML data analytics intelligence company


Blockchain Technology:
We seek to accelerate and grow the new digital economy through product development, consulting, advocacy, and social impact. We build and support the blockchain industry by leveraging our expertise, skills, and network. We provide blockchain development, token sale structuring, and cryptoeconomic modelling to our industry-leading clients. Our experienced team of engineers and consultants ensure that each solution is effective. We have developed a simple and powerful methodology to ensure the successful delivery of blockchain technology projects.

Digital Transformation:
The world is becoming more connected with increasingly rich interactions between customers, products, devices, applications, and so on. With More Consumer Touch Points, Digital Activity, Devices, Applications and new online presences, data is increasing, and so are its connections. In the near future, many of your apps will be driven by data relationships and not transactions.


Applying technology and innovation in to the commodities markets.

VarAInce researches investment and trading solutions via Machine Learning.


6Estates is a Singapore AI Fintech spin-off from NExT Research Centre, a collaboration between National University of Singapore & Tsinghua University of China. 6Estates develops state-of-the-art AI technology encompassing Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and Knowledge Graph (KG).

6Estates focuses on back office automation and intelligence with unstructured data in finance domain. We combine AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to provide AI-powered process automation solution for Trade Finance, Credit Assessment, Audit and Compliance.

finChart robo-sniper predicts major moves in financial markets with precision using AI & big data

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Unscrambl simplifies the complex & manual process of turning data into actionable insights.


Transwarp is focusing on enterprise level cloud computing on container, Big Data and AI core platform research and services, Leading a New Era in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Software. Transwarp is headquartered in Shanghai, with regional headquarters in Beijing, Guangzhou, Toronto, and support centres in Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chendu, and numerous offices in different provinces. After years of R&D, Transwarp has developed five product lines with many patents: one-stop Big Data platform Transwarp Data Hub (TDH), container based cloud platform Transwarp Data Cloud (TDC), AI platform Transwarp Sophon, DBMS products (ArgoDB-distributed flash based DBMS and StellarDB-distributed graph DBMS) and Hyper- Converged Big Data server TxData. In 2017, Transwarp was recognized by IDC as the leader of the Big Data market in China. Now it has thousands of use cases in more than 10 industries. Meanwhile, Transwarp attaches great importance to knowledge exporting and personnel training on big data and AI, founded the Transwarp University, which focuses on training product R&D (curriculum, textbooks, courseware, and practical platform), and provides professional certification and training services; all of which has garnered Transwarp a wide range of brand recognition. Transwarp has finished D1 round financing, which was led by TCL Capital and CCIG.


Feedzai is the market leader in fighting fraud with AI.


U-Reg helps market participants exchange regulatory documents efficiently on an automated repository and structure KYC data through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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OneSixtyTwo Tech is a fintech company that provides data-driven solutions to investment managers


Flag One is a software company that aggregates data relating to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


A Quantitative fund management company powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain


FINBOTS is a Singapore-based RPA firm focusing on Finance, Risk and Operations area.
​We offer consultancy services on how you can re-imagine the process and use data effectively through RPA Automation, ​Data Science and Machine Learning. We take pride in our integrated approach to intelligent automation.

FINBOTS provides strategic consulting, implementation and delivery services for robotic process automation ​for the Banking and Financial Services industry.

FINBOTS is a division of STRAITSBRIDGE ADVISORS PTE. LTD. based in Singapore. To know more about our parent company please visit –


China Knowledge offers AI and NPL driven analytic and research to global fund managers and investors


EACIIT BFSI products have helped its clients enhance customer digital experience, data analytics capabilities and automate core business processes to increase adoption collaboration and effectiveness.


Flowcast provides an enterprise-grade AI solution to banks in automating and improving credit decisions and monitoring.


Stone Mattered develops intelligent technology for Finance, Buildings, Retail, Logistics

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