We are a AI Based full cycle Digital Lending Platform that enables FIs and Banks to lend digitally


SQREEM uses data analytics and AI to identify and understand previously unrecognized consumer behavioral patterns, to enable governments and financial institutions to actively and passively detect financial crimes, fraud, and malfeasance through anomaly detection. Processes vast volumes of trade, logistics and capital markets data, to provide deep market and industry business analytics covering hundreds of thousands of metrics.


Yuñ ESG is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions

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Mooments provides digitised rewards solutions to corporates, banks and large-scale B2C players through a SaaS solution suite, ecosystem integrated into a consumer-and-merchant based redemption and payment solution.

sentient-logo-rgb-portrait20210216120342.jpg provides Artificial intelligence services via application programming interfaces (APIs).


AVATEC is an intelligent financial services technology platform. We create innovative solutions to connect funding sources – financial institutions and commercial organisations – to consumers and small and micro businesses in Southeast Asia.

We do this by providing end-to-end credit assessment services through the intelligent use of information technology in the areas of artificial intelligence, machine leaning, anti-fraud algorithms and big data.

In line with our goal to promote financial inclusion through technology, AVATEC’s business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model aims to increase the accessibility of financial products to the underserved segment in Southeast Asia with no or little credit history.

We provide financial institutions and commercial organisations with end-to-end financial technology solutions that enable them to meet the financial needs of consumers and small businesses through their existing product offerings.

Using AVATEC’s solutions, companies in sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications and travel can offer financial products such as point-of-sale financing, personal and business instalment loans. This means that our clients can better monetise their customer base and generate additional sales from their existing products.


Singapore-based InsurTech firm Zensung revolutionises insurance by leveraging AI & IOT


#1 Neobank in SEA | Providing Startups & SMEs with up to S$150k flexible line of credit.


Geno is the first Interoperable, Intelligent, and Scalable infrastructure founded by Harvard Alum

VarAInce researches investment and trading solutions via Machine Learning.


Hatcher+ uses deep learning and automated workflow tech to invest in leading startups.


Einsights is an analytics company which helps enterprises make decisions based on the insights it gets from data by the means of artificial intelligence and natural machine learning.


A fintech-enabled B2B marketplace for technology and creative services

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Loyela is a loyalty and rewards platform that leverages blockchain and AI to provide an effective, efficient and smart solution for brands and retailers to increase their customer engagement and loyalty.


FinGenesis is an AI company building the new generation of Deep Learning AI to provide more accurate and better forecasting solutions.

Our products are relevant in multiple industries and this year we are to launch a few products for selected B2B clients as well as a B2C audience that are underserved and not offered enterprise-grade AI solutions.

Dobin is a fintech start-up which harnesses financial data using advanced data analytics technics


We provide liquidity for corporations of different sizes in form of working capital loans against payment receivables, trade and supplier invoices, as well as for commodity trading.

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We use AI to disrupt and transform businesses for a better delivery of info, products and services.


Stone Mattered develops intelligent technology for Finance, Buildings, Retail, Logistics


We teach machines to understand complicated financial statements

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