Connecting internal and external data to create a single customer view and expose hidden risk

logoblackpand20200409085823.png means clever in the Malay language. As our name suggests, specializes in developing smart AI-chatbots for the finance industry that helps with
– accelerating leads generation
– automating customer service
– boosting sales productivity

Founded in Singapore in 2016, is privileged to be currently serving Fortune 500 financial institutions including Schroders, Allianz, Great Eastern Tokio Marine Insurance, East Spring and others to launch many first-of-its-kind industry and award-winning chatbots across Asia. technology focuses on the understanding of natural languages in SEA including shorthand texting, local slangs and financial nuances. To stay ahead in this very competitive space, does so by continuously improving on the proprietary AI/ machine learning technology- Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine by combining the commercialisation of latest academic research and innovation of engineering capabilities. For example, last year, was one of the first in the region to deploy the cutting-edge Transfer-Learning based NLP chatbots commercially with our client, Great Eastern Life Insurance, that promises to cut error rate for intent classification, an important parameter to measure the model’s accuracy by 25%.

Complimenting the AI technology for an effective digital engagement are other engineering capabilities such as:
-Multi-Lingual AI (English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia and soon, Thai)
-Multi-Platform (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Line, Web WIdget)
-Contextual Memory
-Multi-parameter search
-Bot to Bot ecosystem
-Real-time data visualisation

Awards and recognitions garnered by include:
– Top 50 InsurTech Leaders, Asia/ Pacific 2020 by International Data Corporation (IDC)
– SIngapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2019, Top 40 fintech finalist by Monetary Authority of SIngapore (MAS)
– Most Scalable Collaboration 2018 by Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)

Utilizing A.I. to create personalised prediction models to analyse different financial markets


Handshakes is a data analytics and AI technology solution that employs proprietary data and AI techniques to transform how organizations conduct business, due diligence and compliance activities.


EMO Technologies is an A*STAR spin-off using AI and NLU to automate speech and intent recognition

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Grid_Synergy is a Creative Media and Tech company with Facial Recognition & Payments svcs.


Mora is an innovative startup, striving to revolutionize the insurance industry in South East Asia. Our expert team, composed of seasoned insurance professionals, is leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies to enhance accessibility, knowledge and decision-making power in the field of insurance.

As a versatile platform, Mora caters to a diverse range of users.

The general public can leverage Mora’s capabilities to ask any insurance-related questions, facilitating them in purchasing an insurance plan that fits their specific needs.

We also extend our services to insurance salespeople, such as direct agents and brokers, providing them with the tools to train their own AI-driven virtual assistants to better serve their clients.

Beyond this, we offer advanced AI services, like data labelling, virtual assistants, and virtual auditors to insurance companies, streamlining their processes and enhancing their operational efficiency.

At Mora, we believe in harnessing the power of AI to empower individuals, transform businesses and reshape the future of insurance in South East Asia.

Cashwagon is a dynamic IT solution and fintech services provider lead by the team of international industry professionals with significant experience in FinTech, Banking and IT.

Based out of Singapore, Cashwagon has a portfolio of active projects in 5 markets in Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia) with more than 100 people in the team. The company provides digital solutions and services to clients in various sectors of finance and e-commerce, using AI and Big Data expertise and resources in creating, developing and maintaining fintech products and solutions to facilitate financial inclusion.

Apart from being a technology provider, the company is actively involved in researching regional ecosystems and fintech markets and strives to be an active player in the community building partnerships and sharing knowledge and expertise.

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Development of software to promote transparency in corporate accounting

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DATAVLT is an affordable, innovative, on-demand, data analytics platform, secured by Blockchain technology, that has been designed to provide users with integrated and correlated insights. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, this platform empowers enterprises to make meaningful sense of big data and scale cost efficiently. Essentially, DATAVLT is an end-to-end data/information management platform.

Lucro is a SaaS platform designed and built from grounds to meet the specific needs of financial institutions, brokers and agents, including security, compliance, scalability, support for multi-channel distribution requirements, ease of use and speed of implementation.

Lucro provides and automates the sophisticated, active conversion rate optimization capabilities and leading retention strategies covering communications and messaging, UI/UX, personalization, advanced AI and ML models and market intelligence data.


We are a FinTech investment platform focused on the best alternative lending opportunities in the SEA and India. We connect institutional capital to alternative lending investments through best practices of value investing, traditional credit analysis and data driven analytics.

Large segments of population in emerging Asia lack access to easy and timely credit facilities. FinTech firms addressing this under served market often lack adequate capital, limiting their scale. On the other hand, global institutional investors struggle to access this emerging asset class owing to the fragmented nature of the industry and high cost of underwriting.

At Lend East, we work with our platform partners to revolutionize the way consumers and businesses avail credit. We bring together deep expertise in credit, structuring and technology to help these platforms gain access to affordable capital while ensuring superior risk adjusted returns for our investors.

AI dedicated ecosystem with AI & Fintech, AI & Web 3 as one of the key sectors.


FutureLabs is a distinctive tech VC & Venture Builder established by the former Partners of McKinsey Ventures.

We focus on identifying best-of-breed B2B big data, cybersecurity & AI start-ups and scale them into regional and global leaders. Equally, we work with Fortune 500 organisations to co-create multi-industry ecosystem ventures that unlock new sources of value from big data & advanced analytics. We take a hands-on ‘business building’ approach to our portfolio companies, bringing to them unparalleled market access, scalable technology and a unique network of entrepreneurial talent. Over the past 5 years, we’ve built an impressive track-record, investing & scaling over 30 tech companies that have become global leaders in their fields.

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Thakral One, headquartered in Singapore, is a technology consulting and services company focused on core business applications, banking solutions, digital technologies and data analytics.

We do not own our own software. We are focused on building consulting and delivery capabilities around leading global technologies. We draw on our specialized functional, technical and industry experts and our data scientists to design methodologies, optimize processes and infuse global know-how into each unique engagement.

Thakral One was founded in 1997, and our current footprint covers 15 markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East (local offices). We are parented and supported by the 117-year old Thakral Group – among Singapore’s largest home-grown conglomerates with interests in real estate, technology, consumer products, and lifestyle services.


Treasury training and advisory firm specialised in bespoke simulation and gamification tools.


Founded in 2013, Tongdun Technology is a professional independent Intelligent Risk Management service provider headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Since its inception, Tongdun has been serving its clients under a risk control concept that lies on building an “intelligent trusted network”. By integrating artificial intelligence into risk control, it offers clients from the P2P, lender microfinance, banking, insurance, funds management, third-party payment, air travel, e-commerce, O2O, gaming, social media, live video streaming etc., industries intelligent total risk control solutions that are highly efficient.

As a Leader in Intelligent Risk Management, Tongdun wishes to constantly improve its services through continuous product and technology innovation, and applies Artificial Intelligence deeply into the area of internet risk management and antifraud. After rapid growth in the last few years, Tongdun has become the largest and most respected service provider in the industry, with more than 10000 corporations whom has chosen Tongdun as its suppler of choice. In addition to the trust of clients, Tongdun is also favored by top capital institutions both at home and abroad with the brand of the most commercially valuable service provider within the intelligent risk management industry in China. Up to now, Tongdun has received five rounds of financing, with the total amount of nearly 200 million dollars, and was listed in the “Top100 Global Science & Technology Innovators 2015” by the Red Herring Magazine and “Best Cloud-based Application in China 2017” by the Asian Banker, “Best Risk Management Partner” of China’s Leaders in Fintech 2017 by the Asia Money. Besides, Tongdun also received many other awards.

In December, 2017, Tongdun issued the service philosophy of AaaS (Analysis as a Service). It is an innovative approach based on the traditional risk control service. AaaS is different from the traditional patterns like IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service), which solely provide a platform, a tool or data service. AaaS can provide analytical service based on intelligent algorithm models in multiple segmented financial scenarios (such as marketing, risk control, investment and operation) as per business demands of different financial institutions, thus empowering financial institutions with capabilities and boosting core competitiveness of financial institutions.

Tongdun Technology was awarded a “High and New Technology Enterprise” certificate on November 13, 2017. The awarding of this status reflects the State’s recognition of and support for the company’s innovation ability and development potential.

In early 2018, Tongdun Technology and Zhejiang University joined hands to set up an artificial intelligence laboratory for the purpose of exploring frontier technologies and commercial applications in artificial intelligence.

Tongdun International, the Singapore arm of Tongdun Technology, was incorporated in January 2018 as a foray into the Southeast Asia market. At the same time, Tongdun has invested in a blockchain research institute in Canada to delve into Live Apps that use blockchain technology.

Today, with headquarters in Hangzhou, Tongdun Technology has branches in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi’an, Chongqing and many other cities. More than 70% of Tongdun’s team members are veteran experts in big data, technology, risk management, anti-fraud, artificial intelligence and other related area. Through the establishment of a distributed intelligent trust network, Tongdun is quickly becoming the most respected intelligent data analytics company in China, and getting closer to realize our “Make Trusted Life Better” vision.


AI Trading Assistant for retail investors to make smarter investment decisions


Blockchain Technology:
We seek to accelerate and grow the new digital economy through product development, consulting, advocacy, and social impact. We build and support the blockchain industry by leveraging our expertise, skills, and network. We provide blockchain development, token sale structuring, and cryptoeconomic modelling to our industry-leading clients. Our experienced team of engineers and consultants ensure that each solution is effective. We have developed a simple and powerful methodology to ensure the successful delivery of blockchain technology projects.

Digital Transformation:
The world is becoming more connected with increasingly rich interactions between customers, products, devices, applications, and so on. With More Consumer Touch Points, Digital Activity, Devices, Applications and new online presences, data is increasing, and so are its connections. In the near future, many of your apps will be driven by data relationships and not transactions.


IceKredit, leading fin-tech company providing risk management solutions using AI and ML algorithms

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