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Cayuga Technologies is a Singapore based Fintech that is focused on revolutionizing trading & investing decisions in the global credit markets.

We are focused on providing solutions through extensive use of quantitative techniques and sound risk management with a keen understanding of evolving macro economic trends.

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AIZEN provides core AI engine ABACUS, AI applications across key value chains in Finance.


KewMann helps organisations to predict and influence human behaviors


Sprint Milestone is a Consulting firm exclusively working on Data Analytics and AI.


Econteric is an economics analysis and financial data platform to research and understand the DeFi ecosystem. The goal is to give you, investors, a god-like view of the market by making sense of the (sometimes complex) economic design of tokens. As a side effect, this will help you making better financial decisions by understanding the rules of the game.

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We are a technology-enabled consultancy, with the main focus on Cognitive Automation. We build software robots that can mimic human actions, to control computers and complete jobs traditionally done by white-collar works.

Our core product, Gleematic, is a robotic software to help you automate manual business processes – especially the repetitive ones – so that you can free yourself and your colleagues to do more value-added work. Software robots are flexible, trainable and can work with any system – even legacy ones.

>> Examples of tasks that Cognitive Automation can help with:
– “Copy and Paste” into various systems
– Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) in various Asian Languages
– Data entry and compilation
– Survey result collation
– Performing system checks
– Finance transaction (e.g. invoice/ purchase order) recording
– Web scraping (visiting and extracting data from multiple websites)
– Other repetitive and/or rule-based tasks


We blend digitalization and analytics to minimize wastage and encourage eco-friendly practices.


GreenArc Capital is an Impact Credit Platform that connects institutional investors to sustainable credit opportunities with market returns in emerging markets with a focus on social inclusion.


First full spectrum digital bank across South & South East Asia (ex-Singapore)


Develops & implements quantitative methods for investment managers & private banks using big data


HyperVerge is an AI company offering identity and fraud solutions in India, US and SEA

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For CA/CPA and Company Secretary, Acumen is a comprehensive collaboration platform for providing services and compliance to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and other clients. Through the use of smart data solutions, Acumen allows CAs/CPAs and Company Secretaries to create and facilitate business growth and strategic management decisions through the use of smart data solutions, for their clients (MSMEs and others).


Envestnet Yodlee is a global leading open finance ata aggregation and analytics platform


Notarum is a modern due diligence workflow tool designed to reduce busywork—so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Commodities Intelligence Centre (CIC), supported by Enterprise Singapore, is a joint venture between ZALL SMARTCOMM (ZALL, a leading B2B platform in China), Global eTrade Services (GeTS, a subsidiary of CrimsonLogic, a leading provider of eGovernment products and services), and Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX) to create an interoperable global commodites trading platform.

CIC offers an integrated suite of services including trade matching, customs declaration and clearance, supply chain logistics, trade finance, supply chain finance, global trade compliance services as well as index and trade data services to realize the digitization of commodity trading. Specialized in non-ferrous & ferrous metal, chemicals & plastics, agriculture products and oil, CIC is expanding the range of commodities traded and offers a global one-stop trading platform empowered by blockchain technology with applications in areas, such as global trade, logistics, and financial transactions.

As Singapore’s first B2B e-trading platform that embraces blockchain technology to facilitate secure and compliant trade, CIC aspires to “Enable Trade Easy” through modern supply chain, Such as warehousing, logistics, finance and cross-border services to help companies reduce their transaction costs and create greater trading synergies globally. As of April 2019, CIC has achieved a turnover of more than US$3.7bn, with over 4,200 registered users covering markets including China, Switzerland, Australia, India, Malaysia, and other countries within Asia. With seamless connectivity and circulation of goods throughout the world, CIC shall become the game-changing platform for Singapore’s commodity trading community.


World’s 1st RiskOps platform for financial risk management, market leader in fighting fraud with AI.


Finbots.AI is an AI-envisioned FinTech certified by Singapore Fintech Association.

​We bring together global experience in financial services & trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science & Natural Language Processing to develop innovative solutions for financial institutions that will drive enterprise growth, profitability, and sustainability.

We capitalize on advancements in AI and embed cognitive technologies into our product and solution offerings to support diverse environments and scale to help you – do more, learn more and achieve more.

To know more about our company and our products, watch this 2-minute video

FINBOTS is a division of STRAITSBRIDGE ADVISORS PTE. LTD. based in Singapore. To know more about our parent company please visit –

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Actelligent is a fintech company that applies a differentiated Thematics + Factors hybrid approach to help investors ‘act intelligently’ in every stage of the investment process.

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