Yuñ ESG is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering scalable solutions


China Knowledge offers AI and NPL driven analytic and research to global fund managers and investors

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Unscrambl simplifies the complex & manual process of turning data into actionable insights.


RisikoTek is a reg tech AML data analytics intelligence company

Builds on blockchain model and incorporates traditional lending to create a time-efficient system


Develops & implements quantitative methods for investment managers & private banks using big data


AIZEN provides core AI engine ABACUS, AI applications across key value chains in Finance.

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BasisAI is a Singapore headquartered technology company with a world-class, experienced team of AI leaders and practitioners. Through deep technical approaches to implementing and maintaining performant AI systems combined with best practice governance, BasisAI enables enterprises to deploy AI responsibly at scale, giving real-world impact from machine learning and a path to sustained competitive edge.
Leveraging their proprietary platform Bedrock, BasisAI transforms data-driven enterprises with bespoke, augmented intelligence software, with a core focus on building well-governed, trustworthy AI systems. Bedrock is an end-to-end machine learning platform that orchestrates the prototype to production cycle in minutes, not months. Drawing upon machine learning operations (MLOps) practices, Bedrock enables enterprises to achieve explainability, maintainability, and auditability – automatically in-built into the systems they deploy.

Onboard Research is developing an innovative scalable platform for financial modeling and trading


Dedicated to crafting the best possible solutions for our clients to meet current and future challenge


We develop data signals that help investors and regulators identify governance issues in companies


We provide deep learning based accounting ( and tax automation ( services to SMEs

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Thakral One, headquartered in Singapore, is a technology consulting and services company focused on core business applications, banking solutions, digital technologies and data analytics.

We do not own our own software. We are focused on building consulting and delivery capabilities around leading global technologies. We draw on our specialized functional, technical and industry experts and our data scientists to design methodologies, optimize processes and infuse global know-how into each unique engagement.

Thakral One was founded in 1997, and our current footprint covers 15 markets across Asia Pacific and the Middle East (local offices). We are parented and supported by the 117-year old Thakral Group – among Singapore’s largest home-grown conglomerates with interests in real estate, technology, consumer products, and lifestyle services.


Through the use of proprietary algorithms, statistical machine learning models the company provides technology solutions for the online lending and personal finance industries.


PropertyQuants was founded by a team of PhD ex-quant traders with a track record of successfully deploying automated trading models in global financial markets.

We’re bringing the quantitative revolution to real estate investing. Property investing today is often based on incomplete and inadequate information. Analysis, forecasts, and decisions are not rigorously produced, and are sometimes driven by emotion, untested assumptions, and rules of thumb. Portfolio considerations in real estate are often ignored.

We work to improve real estate decision making. It can and should be evidence-based, data-driven, and systematic instead. We are leading the way forward by applying quantitative finance and data science methods to global real estate, helping investors beat the market.


EMO Technologies is an A*STAR spin-off using AI and NLU to automate speech and intent recognition


A Quantitative fund management company powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

finChart robo-sniper predicts major moves in financial markets with precision using AI & big data

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